Genital surgery: prices - cost - rates

For ethical reasons we can't show you 'before and after photographs' on our website. We do however want to inform you about the cost. Below you will find a list of prices / costs for the various treatments.

Our prices for circumcision (men), labia reduction or augmentation, vaginal scar revision, pubis lifting, vaginismus treatment & hymen repair are always all inclusive: admission, medical fees, anaesthetic, and all aftercare at the clinic following the procedure. Rates do not include any VAT.


50 EUR
Consult - advice

Circumsision men

980 EUR

Labia reduction

1960 EUR
Reduction of the small labia with a V-incision: retain skin colour
980 EUR
Labia reduction: labia minora: small lips
500 EUR
Supplement for labia majora: large lips
980 EUR
Clitoral hood reduction
1475 EUR
Reduction of the large labia

Labia Augmentation

1475 EUR
Labia augmentation: lipostructure, Coleman technique

Vagina: Scar revision

500 EUR
Scar revision vagina small
1000 EUR
Scar revision vagina medium
2000 EUR
Scar revision vagina large


1475 EUR
Botox® injections for vaginal pain

Liposuction Pubis & Labia

1475 EUR
Liposuction Pubis
1475 EUR
Liposuction Labia majora
1975 EUR
Liposuction Pubis & Labia Majora

Lifting Pubis & tummy Tuck

2860 EUR
Lifting the pubic area.
3975 EUR
Lifting Pubic area + Mini-abdominoplasty with removal of surplus skin re+ tightening of the stomach muscles
5025 EUR
Lifting Pubic area + Full Tummy tuck with removal of surplus skin,+ tightening of the stomach muscles + transposition navel

Hymen Repair Surgery

1800 EUR
Simple Repair
2100 EUR
Alloplant reconstruction
2100 EUR
Hymen reconstruction
2475 EUR
Vaginal flap reconstruction
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Male & female genital surgery: prices