Eyebrow lift before and after photos

Eyebrow lift Before and After

Are you curious about the results of a brow lift? At Wellness Kliniek, we offer various surgical and non-surgical techniques to achieve the desired result, this for both men and women. View eyebrow lift photos and book a consultation for tailored advice. The specialists at the clinic strive to achieve the most beautiful result.

Close-up photo of droopy eyebrows before the brow lift procedure Before
Close-up image of lifted eyebrows post brow lift surgery After
Eyebrow Thread Lift
Photograph highlighting uneven eyebrow alignment prior to brow lift procedure Before
Image showcasing balanced and elevated eyebrows post brow lift procedure After
Eyebrow Thread Lift

Eyebrow lift photos before and after at Wellness Kliniek

If you are considering a brow lift, it is important to obtain information, we at Wellness Kliniek believe. We are therefore happy to inform you transparently about the brow lift procedure, as well as the prices per treatment. Before and after pictures of a brow lift are also a valuable tool to get an idea of the possibilities.

At Wellness Kliniek, we are proud of our excellent patient experiences and the award from WhatClinic that we received for this. We offer ISO 9001 quality assurance. Book a no-obligation consultation for personalised advice on a brow lift.

Brow lift results before and after!

Every person is different and so are eyebrows. Depending on the current positioning, degree of skin laxity and other facial features, the specialist at Wellness Kliniek can give you sound advice on the best procedure for you. Of course, we will tell you what is feasible. We offer various eyebrow corrections.

Eyebrow lift B***x photos before and after

The non-surgical method, eyebrow lift with B***x, is a great way to give a subtle lift to your eyebrows. B***x is used for a brow lift because it can temporarily relax the muscles that pull the eyebrows down, giving a subtle lift to the brows.

This non-surgical method is popular at Wellness Kliniek because of its minimal recovery time and immediately visible, natural results. It gives you a fresher appearance. Incidentally, by law we are not allowed to write out the brand name in full, but we suspect you know what we mean.

Thread brow lift before and after photos

The thread brow lift method is used to subtly (laterally) lift the eyebrows. The thread lift photos, or brows featherlift pictures, give you an idea of this non-surgical procedure. No skin is removed in this procedure, but the eyebrows are lifted using wires.

Instant brow lift pictures before and after

For people with significant sagging of the eyebrows. The scars above the eyebrows are hidden in a natural forehead wrinkle, but remain visible. In this method of surgical lifting, excess skin above the eyebrows is removed. This is a good technique if the eyebrows are heavy, due to the overlying skin, and therefore fall down. A good choice for (too) low eyebrows.

Temporal brow lift before and after photos

This is also a surgical procedure that gives good results if you want a subtle lift of the outside of your eyebrows. Lifts outer (lateral or temporal) eyebrow is a popular treatment, especially if the outer sides eyebrows have sagged a little. Incisions are made at the level of the temples (temples) and the incision falls away into the hairline. Sometimes the desired effect can also be achieved with a thread lift.

Classic forehead lift before and after photos

The forehead lift before and after photos show you what is possible with the classic forehead lift, which is also called coronal forehead lift. It is a surgical procedure in which the scar is hidden within the hairline, running across the top of the head from ear to ear. A coronal brow lift can be combined with a facelift.

Eyebrow lift experiences

An eyebrow lift is often done from an aesthetic point of view, but the procedure can also solve frequent headaches and/or asymmetrical eyebrows.

At Wellness Kliniek, we enthusiastically look at the positive eyebrow lift reviews from our patients. We strive to constantly innovate and improve our service based on feedback. This results in excellent reviews. Read the reviews, compare clinics and brow lift before and after photos, and always be well informed before making your choice of procedure.

Transparent eyebrow lift prices

We have collected the eyebrow lift prices in a clear price table. The costs are all-inclusive, so include VAT and professional pre-care and after-care. We have broken down the various procedures. For personalised advice, book a consultation.

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Eyebrow lifts: personalised advice at Wellness Kliniek

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