Breast augmentation in winter

Enlarge your breasts this winter

This period is ideal to have a breast enlargement carried out. Why? Find out below!

blog 17/01/2022 by Barbra

Many women consider their breasts to be one of the most important parts of their appearance. Not satisfied with your breasts and want a boost in your self-confidence? Then a breast enlargement is the ideal solution! Thanks to our expertise and years of experience, at Wellness Kliniek you've come to the right place. Moreover, this period is ideal to have a breast enlargement carried out. Why? Find out below!

Everything you need to know about a breast enlargement

When you're not satisfied with your breasts, it can take a big toll on your self-confidence. A breast enlargement can be the ideal solution. A discreet or a conspicuous breast enlargement? Depending on your individual wishes and needs, different treatments are possible.

Breast enlargement with your own fat

Want to enjoy a natural result? Then a breast enlargement with your own fat is the right thing for you. During such a breast enlargement, we inject your own fat, which is usually removed from your stomach, legs or hips, into your breasts. The fat cells are first purified before being injected into your breasts. This procedure is also known as lipofilling. With this breast enlargement, your breasts can be made one cup size larger. Prefer an enlargement of several cup sizes? Then a breast enlargement with implants is more suitable for you.

Breast enlargement with implants

Breast enlargement with implants is a procedure in which your breasts are enlarged by means of implants. Thanks to the so-called MIBIS-technique (Minimally Invasive Breast Implant Surgery) our specialised surgeons can proceed in the safest and most hygienic way. Moreover, thanks to this technique, the breast implants can be inserted through a tiny incision of about 2 to 3 cm. This allows us to minimise scarring and avoid complications. Depending on the desired result, you can choose between different types, shapes, sizes, profiles and textures of the implants.

Combination of breast lift with breast enlargement

Age, weight fluctuations and having children can cause your breasts to lose their firmness. If you would like to enjoy your beautiful breasts again and would like more volume, a combination of a breast lift and breast enlargement is ideal for you! To create more volume, the surgeon inserts breast implants. The type, shape, size, profile and texture can be determined according to your wishes. With this procedure, you can enjoy firm breasts with a fuller cup size again!

Four reasons for a breast enlargement in the winter

Autumn and winter are the ideal seasons for breast enlargement. Why? The benefits are numerous. We’ve listed them below!

  1. Be ready for the summer
    If you have your breast enlargement done in autumn or winter, you'll be completely healed by next summer. Your body will recover for a while and the implants will gradually sink in. This natural healing process is also called the Drop & Fluff process. This is precisely why the autumn and winter months are so popular for breast enlargements. You can go on holiday next summer feeling confident and comfortable in a bikini.
  2. The compression bandage is less noticeable
    When it's colder, it's better to hide the fact that you've had the procedure done. After breast enlargement, we apply a compression bandage. This compression bandage offers many advantages, but of course you don’t want everyone to see that you’re wearing one. In the period after the operation, you should wear a supportive bra. It is easier to conceal it in winter, when you are wearing a jumper or several layers of clothing.
  3. Avoiding sunlight and heat
    Although sunlight is good for the body, it should be avoided after surgery. After the operation, the recovery process starts. However, exposure to UV rays can disrupt that healing process and increase the risk of scarring. During the cold winter months, you spend more time indoors and wear warmer clothes, which makes it easier to avoid sunlight. Heat is usually very pleasant for the body. However, heat is often considered unpleasant by people recovering from surgery. Moreover, heat also increases the risk of infections. So the autumn and winter periods are ideal for having breast enlargement surgery.
  4. Easier to take rest
    The summer months are the months in which you are usually most active: you go walking, cycling, travelling and so on. After a breast enlargement, however, it is extremely important to give your body sufficient rest. The winter months are usually the months when you are less active. Perfect to recover from your operation!

Ready to show off your dream bosom next summer?

Of course, what is a suitable procedure and period for breast enlargement differs from person to person. Depending on your wishes, together we will look at which procedure and period of time suits you best. Do you still have questions, doubts or comments? Join the friends of Wellness Kliniek or let us know. In this Facebook group, you can ask questions and read experiences of others who have gone before you. Be sure to check out the breast augmentation before and after pictures to get a better idea of the results after the procedure.

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