The experience of Shawna

Breast enlargement, the experience of Shawna

My life has completely changed since my breast augmentation. I am eager to share my experience at Wellness Clinic with you in this blog.

Testimonial 04/11/2022 by Shawna

My first consultation for breast augmentation

Hello everyone, my name is Shawna and I would like to share with you my experience regarding my breast augmentation at Wellness Clinic. Before the breast augmentation, I had a 90A cup size. I am 47kg and 1m54. During the initial consultation with Dr Taraquois at the Wellness Clinic, I told him that I like large breasts. I think a large D-cup is the ideal size. Dr Taraquois recommended that  I take 395 CC implants from Arion. I was worried that the result was not going to be big enough, but the doctor assured me that this was going to be perfect as I am quite small and slim. I had full confidence in him and scheduled the surgery. I couldn't wait to see the result!

The first days after the breast augmentation

The surgery went fine. The first days after the breast augmentation were painful. I didn't sleep very well and had difficulty eating. After a few days, however, things gradually started to improve. After a week, I could resume my daily activities. I still needed some help with housework, dressing and showering, but my pain was a lot less. The results were also starting to show, which made me very happy.

The healing process of the breast augmentation

When I was allowed to take the bandages off, I was also very curious about the stitches. The scars looked fantastic. They are so slight and positioned right under the crease of my breasts. I am very satisfied because I considered this an important part of the result. By the way, I had no bruises either. Dr Taraquois really did a sublime job. 

I have absolutely no regrets. In fact, I can't wait to show off my dream bosom next summer. That's why I started trying on some swimwear and summer clothes as soon as possible. I cannot describe how good it feels to finally look like this!

"The result is exactly as I longed for!"

I really have no regrets. The healing process has been so fast. You forget the pain and discomfort immediately! For me, Dr Taraquois is a true wizard. I recommend him 2000%. I finally have beautiful round breasts that are tight, with perfectly minimal scars. The result is exactly as I longed for. I finally dare to go out without a bra and to be completely myself.

I wish the best to all the recovering girls. Believe me, the best is yet to come. It's all worth it! I am so happy and want to thank Wellness Kliniek again. He had completely changed my life.

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