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All you need to know about breast enlargement and pregnancy

Not satisfied with your breasts and considering a breast enlargement? In the Wellness Kliniek, we regularly see young women who want to have children. When should you have a breast enlargement? Before or after pregnancy? Can you still breastfeed after a breast enlargement? We provide answers to all these questions.

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Breast enlargement before or after pregnancy?

Your body changes during pregnancy. Not only your belly, but also your breasts, skin and hair. If you are considering a breast enlargement and want to become pregnant within the year, it is better to postpone it until after pregnancy. Your skin and breast tissue need time to recover after a breast enlargement. Becoming pregnant during the recovery period can weigh heavily on your body. The extent to which this recovers is different for everyone. 

After a pregnancy, it is best to wait about 6 months before having a breast enlargement. Your body needs to be hormonally stable. If you are breastfeeding, it is also best to wait six months after the last breastfeed. Furthermore, it is important to return to the figure you want. During the first consultation, our specialists will measure you and look at the result you would like to obtain.

Want to have your breasts enlarged and don’t have any immediate desire to have children? Then you can certainly consider a breast enlargement. You can confidently become pregnant after a breast enlargement and in most cases still breastfeed. Be sure to read on for more information.

Breastfeeding after breast enlargement

Breast enlargement with implants

After a breast enlargement with implants, you can still breast feed. Thanks to our own developed MIBIS technique, the chance does not decrease. Breast enlargement with MIBIS (Minimally Invasive Breast Implant Surgery) is the most popular breast enlargement method used at the Wellness Kliniek.

Our specialists insert the implant through the inframammary fold with a minimal, almost imperceptible scar. We then place the breast implant behind the pectoral muscle. The breast prosthesis will sit as far as possible from the nipple and the milk ducts. This spares the milk ducts and you can still breastfeed.

At the Wellness Kliniek, you can choose from several types of implants. Depending on the desired result, you will choose the implant that suits you best, together with the doctor. We offer most brands and only top-quality implants. You can choose from different types, shapes and profiles, but you can also determine the volume. All implants up to 500 cc have the same price. Regardless of the type that suits you best.

Be sure to bring pictures of the desired result during your first consultation. During this no-obligation consultation, you will be given a fitting so you can see how the different types of implants would look on you. Every implant and the volume are different for everyone. That is why we measure you accurately.

Breast enlargement with your own fat

When your breasts lose volume after pregnancy, a breast enlargement with your own fat can be a solution if you want to increase your size up to one cup size. With this natural breast enlargement technique, our surgeons take fat from your abdomen, buttocks or hips and inject it into your breasts. This technique is also known as lipofilling and is a breast enlargement without implants. In the case of breast enlargement with your own fat, we make an incision in the breast fold so that breastfeeding is not hindered. The result is extremely natural and ensures the breasts are firmer and fuller. If your breasts are asymmetrical, they can be rebalanced with natural fat.

Breastfeeding after a breast lift

A breast lift is a common procedure at the Wellness Kliniek. It is ideal for women whose breasts have lost their shape through weight loss, old age, after having children or breastfeeding. There are several types of breast lift surgery available. The appropriate technique depends on your personal situation. The surgeon will discuss which treatment is the best option. Breastfeeding after a breast lift is possible, depending on the type of breast lift. Be sure to mention during the consultation whether you still wish to have children and whether you would like to breastfeed.

Breast lift combined with breast enlargement

If you would like not only to lift your breasts but also give them extra volume, you can combine a breast lift with a breast enlargement. You can choose between a breast enlargement with implants or a breast enlargement with your own fat.

Breastfeeding after a breast reduction

Breasts that are too large can have an impact on your physical and mental state. In addition to back and neck problems, it can also make you feel very insecure. Having your breasts reduced may be the solution. At the Wellness Kliniek, we perform breast reductions safely and with a minimum incision, giving you the bosom you are happy with!

During a breast reduction, part of the skin and fat and breast tissue is removed. The nipple is placed slightly higher and often also reduced in size. Our doctor will discuss the different techniques with you. When enough milk glands remain present and these glands remain well connected to the nipple, breastfeeding is certainly possible.

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