Wrinkles & Skin: anti-wrinkle treatments

Anti-wrinkle treatment: Treatment for wrinkles and skin rejuvenation.

Which anti-wrinkle treatment should I choose?

Laser, Peeling, Sculptra, Mesotherapy, Dermabrasion, Injections to fill wrinkles, Restylane®, Radiesse®, Vital®, Perlane®, Botox, Bio-Alcamid, Lipofilling, Lipostructure or Fat transfer.

Which anti-wrinkle treatment is best for me?

Each anti-wrinkle treatment method or injectable has a different application and end-result. Our website provides you wth information about the various anti-wrinkle treatments available as well as treatments to improve the condition of your skin.

During the consultation our doctors will be happy to provide you with more details about the treatment which is most suitable for you. 

Botox to treat wrinkles

Botox or Dysport: injectables with botulinum toxin

Botox and Dysport are brand names of injectables with botulinum toxin. Botulinum toxin is mainly used to make the skin smooth: crow's feet, frown creases between the eyes and wrinkles on the forehead can be treated in this way. Botox / Dysport reduces the wrinkles by paralysing the subcutaneous muscles. The effect of your Botox treatment is visible after a few days, maximum results are visible after 2 weeks and last between 3-6 months.

Botox / Dysport treatments are "number 1" on the list of the most popular aesthetic procedures performed internationally.    

Botox treatment - before Botox treatment - after

Botox treatment


Expression wrinkles are created because the muscles under the skin are continuously pulled together. A Botox injection temporarily paralyses these muscles.

  • Botox reduces these wrinkles
  • Your skin is smooth and tighter again 

Injectables for filling wrinkles:

1.Fillers for wrinkles

Wrinkle fillers can be divided into 2 groups: wrinkle fillers which offer a temporary result and those which offer a permanent solution.

Temporary wrinkle fillers - Injectables which offer a temporary solution:

With temporary wrinkle fillers a substance is injected which is slowly broken down by the body;  therefore causing a temporary effect. The duration of the results varies and can last between 2 months to 2 years, depending on the filler used. Radiesse, Restylane, Perlane are brand names for modern, safe injectables which ensure a beautiful result with a low risk of complications.

Permanent wrinkle fillers - Injectables which offer a permanent solution:

Bio-Alcamid is a filler which is used to fill deep wrinkles, particularly between the mouth and corner of the nose or mouth and chin. Permanent fillers are made from substances which are not found naturally in the body and which the body can not break down. The main advantage of this treatment is that you only need to be treated once and the results are permanent. You must take into account that there is a chance of complications from permanent fillers: infection, lump forming and capsular contracture around the injected area. One advantage of Bio-Alcamid is that it can be easily removed if necessary. 

Injectables: wrinkle fillers - before Injectables: wrinkle fillers - after

Injectables: wrinkle fillers


  • Fillers - Injectables : a temporary result:

Anti-wrinkle treatment based on Hyaluron.

Radiesse - Restylane - Perlane

2. Lipofilling / Lipostructure / Fat transfer

With Lipofilling or Lipostructure wrinkles and lips are filled with the patient's own body fat.  Using a special needle fat is sucked out from an area which has too much, then the intact live fat cells are filtered from the fatty tissue. The live fat cells are then injected into the desired area (fat transfer).

Lipofilling / Lipostructure / Fat Transfer is used to fill wrinkles, folds in the face and dents elswhere in the body. It is also a highly effective technique for adding extra volume to the lips. 

Lipostructure - before Lipostructure - after



  • Fillers - Injectables for a permanent result:
  • Lipostructure Coleman method: filling with the patient's own fat.

Skin Improvement

1. Deeper wrinkles

Deep peeling corrects deeper wrinkles and has longer lasting results.

Laser treatment for deep wrinkles used to be the most popular method for facial resurfacing at the end of the last century. Lasers do not take into account the difference in the depth of the skin layers. This resulted in undesirable risks / complications such as subcutaneous scarring and pigmentation.

The Tel Aviv mask is a more complicated surgical treatment but carries less risks, is safer and gives a more beautiful end-result than Skin Laser treatment. The precision of a Tel Aviv mask results in a homogenous effect and prevents burns, scarring and pigmentation. 

2. Superficial wrinkles


Superficial peeling visibly improves the condition of the skin. This is an ideal treatment to give the skin its fresh youthful look again. A light peeling - TCA peeling or Glycolic peeling - fades pigment flecks and superficial wrinkles but does not remove deeper wrinkles.


Sculptra ® is a simple, non-permanent injectable treatment of polylactic acid which stimulates the body to produce collagen. The end-result is fuller and smoother-looking skin with less visible llines and wrinkles. Sculptra®  treatment will help your skin regain that youthful radiance naturally.


Mesotherapy is used particularly to improve the face, neck and decollete. A combination of hyaluron acid and a dose of skin improving vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nucleic acids and coenzymes are injected into the superficial layer of the skin. At the Wellness Kliniek we use different special compositions, tailor-made to your particular needs. The special substances visibly improve the condition of the skin and subcutaneous blood circulation. After Mesotherapy treatment your skin regains its glow and is tighter and smoother. Superficial wrinkles disappear. 

Skin improvement - before Skin improvement - after

Skin improvement


We can improve the condition of your skin with a peeling or injections:


TCA Peeling - Glycolic Peeling - Yellow Peel - Mesolift - Sculptra

Wrinkles around the mouth & Wrinkles around the upper lip

Dermabrasion or Injectables

Dermabrasion is a technique which can help reduce skin irregularities and scarring. With dermabrasion the skin (the derma) is shaved off (abrasion) down to the papillary dermis (this is the layer under the epidermis). This reveals a younger layer of skin which is tighter and smoother. Dermabrasion gives a beautiful result for vertical wrinkles of the upper lip.

A non-surgical solution is treatment with injectables. Filling the wrinkles around the mouth with injectables can also produce good results. The skin above your upper lip is smoother, looks younger and radiant once more.

Wrinkles around the mouth - before Wrinkles around the mouth - after

Wrinkles around the mouth


  • Dermabrasion or wrinkle fillers

We can treat any fine, vertical lines around the mouth - lips with injectables or dermabrasion. 

Anti-wrinkle Treatment: Which anti-wrinkle treatment should I choose?

The doctor will discuss all aspects of any possible treatment with you during a no-obligation consultation: the doctor makes a thorough assessment of the condition of your skin and determines whether you are a suitable candidate for treatment.

The doctor will explain which treatment is best for you and the expected results, possible risks and aftercare.

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