Skin Aesthetics: treatments & injectables

  • Welcome to the Wellness Kliniek Welcome to the Wellness KliniekOur doctors and other staff are skilled and experienced. We perform more than 5000 medical treatments every year.
  • Your consultation Your consultationAt the consultation all aspects of your treatment are discussed.
  • Beautiful results Beautiful resultsYou can discuss your wishes and expectations in consultation with the plastic surgeon. A small procedure can already offer great results.
  • A smooth forehead A smooth foreheadExpression wrinkles disappear with injections. Consult our prices!
  • Beautiful lips Beautiful lipsWe can treat your wrinkles and make you lips fuller with a few injections.
  • Glowing skin Glowing skinRadiant after a liquid facelift. Facelift by injection. Perfect for someone who doesn't need a complete facelift but who still wants to look young and vibrant.
  • Smooth skin Smooth skinWe offer the complete range of treatments for improving skin quality.
  • In safe hands In safe handsSkilled doctors - modern infrastructure. We adhere to the highest standards of safety and sterility.
  • Quality Guarantee Quality GuaranteeThe Wellness Kliniek has EN 15224 Quality Certification for the healthcare sector. We comply with the highest quality standards.
  • Short waiting lists Short waiting listsWe do our utmost to keep our waiting lists as short as possible. We can usually see you for your treatment within 3-6 weeks.
  • All-inclusive prices All-inclusive pricesOur prices are always all-inclusive: the procedure, admission, anaesthetic, doctor's fees and all our aftercare following the procedure.
  • Meticulous aftercare Meticulous aftercareOur doctors are available 24/24, 365 days a year to provide aftercare.
  • Attractive prices Attractive pricesOur large number of patients means that we can offer skin and injection treatments at very attractive prices.
  • Price Guarantee Price GuaranteeFollowing your reservation the price is valid for 2 months.
  • Quick service Quick serviceYou can usually reserve your consultation and injection treatment on one day. For more extensive treatments we offer a unique Next-Day-Consultation-Surgery service.
  • Online Reservation Online ReservationYou can already reserve your consultation and your procedure a few months in advance. You can also make your reservation online. Always give us a call first to arrange a DATE.
  • Always at your service Always at your serviceOur appointments desk is open from 8 am until 6 pm.
  • We are already looking forward to your visit! We are already looking forward to your visit!We would be delighted to answer all your questions. To make an appointment it is best to contact us by phone.

Facial rejuvenation

At the Wellness Kliniek we can improve the condition of your skin in a number of different ways.

After treatment your skin will look young, fresh and radiant.

With medical skin rejuvenating skin peels we can make dull skin glow again, tighten loose skin, reduce wrinkles and pigmentation. With injectables we can correct wrinkles and drooping mouth corners.  Fuller lips ensure an extra youthful look. 

More information about skin treatments and facial rejuvenation

  • Treatment of expression wrinkles

    Expression wrinkles of the forehead, a frown between the eyebrows, crow's feet, etc. can be treated with muscle relaxant injectables. Your wrinkles disappear but your general appearance is preserved. It is imperative that the result looks natural. It is therefore extremely important that the doctor is highly skilled.

  • Wrinkles

    We all age, it's a part of life. Though we don't have to look that much older. Do you wish you could get rid of your wrinkles which age you considerably? Are you bothered by the deep crease between your eyebrows? Do the corners of your mouth droop and do you have a groove between your nose and your mouth? Doesn't your anti-wrinkle cream help?

    If so you could consider anti-wrinkle treatment at the Wellness Kliniek.

  • Skin Peels

    Our skin is made up of millions of cells. It becomes more difficult for older skin to shed its dead or damaged skin cells and replace them with new ones. This often results in superficial wrinkles and slack, dull skin.  

    With medical skin peeling the doctor can remove the layer of damaged skin cells in a safe and controlled manner.

    The result is healthy, glowing skin.

  • Nutrition and Hormones

    For a long time active acne (spots and blackheads) could only be treated with heavy medication which caused serious side-effects. Fortunately significant advances have been made in acne treatments. We now first check your hormone balance and intolerance to certain foodstuffs.

    The condition of your skin can visibly improve if your diet and hormones are in balance. 

  • Natural-looking result

    The doctor starts by making an in-depth aalysis of your skin and subcutaneous connective tissue to determine which treatment is most suitable. Sometimes a combination of several different treatmtents or injectables will give you the best result.

    It is important that the treatment gives you visible results.

    It is also important that other people don't notice anything, except that you look great!  

  • Your doctor

    Our doctors are carefully selected. They are experienced professionals in skin treatments and injection methods. They are solely focused on and passionate about the cosmetic skills for the treatments in which they specialise.

    Each doctor at the Wellness Kliniek has completed formal comprehensive training in his aesthetic speciality. 

    Each doctor has extensive and many years of experience in cosmetic procedures which he /she performs.

  • Acne

    Don't hesitate to do something about it !

    Ance, spots, we have all experienced the problem at some time or another. If you have acne it can be very distressing; it destroys your self confidence.

    It is very important to feel good about yourself during puberty : it's a very important phase in your life.

  • Prices Injectables

    We only offer treatments with safe, registered, injectables. Depending on what you want to achieve with your treatment, your doctor will inform you about the costs. The price increases with the number of treated zones. Your doctor will gladly advise you during the consultation.

  • Quality care

    Quality care is at the top of our agenda at the Wellness Kliniek. It goes without saying that our infrastructure and treatments meet all the legal requirements.

    But we offer even more!

    Our treatments are EN 15224 quality certified. Our procedures and choice of materials - injectables are extremely safe. Injectables and skin treatments are permanently assessed for the best result. Our kliniek stand for top quality: before as well as after your treatment.

  • Make an appointment

    We try to keep our waiting lists as short as possible. We can usually see you within 4 weeks.

    Book your appointment for consultation here.

Belgium: TOP destination for plastic surgery in Europe - EN 15224 quality certified clinic

All plastic surgeons and dentists are experts in their cosmetic field and are fully government registered in their medical specialty. Wellness Kliniek Belgium stands for safe surgery. The hospital disposes of cabinets for aesthetic dental treatments, operating theatre rooms equipped with high-tech equipment for surgery, recovery care and private patient rooms.

Planning your medical trip has never been easier! For people who have to travel a considerable distance, the clinic offers a unique Next-Day-Surgery service: your consultation and operation on consecutive days.