Dr. Shivprasad Date

Specialist surgeon in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Native country: India

University / Reference: Topiwala National Medical College (Maharashtra University of Health Sciences), Mumbai

Post-Graduate Fellowship in Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and MIBIS: Minimal Invasive Breast Implant Surgery: 8th September 2016 to 21st October 2016.

My Fellowship Testimonial

Wellness Kliniek certainly qualifies to be a ‘centre of excellence’ for aesthetic surgery services and training.

I was fortunate to have been selected at Wellness Kliniek for fellowship in aesthetic surgery. The fellowship duration is for 3 months.

The centre has a team of 5 consultants led by Dr Luc Damen. They perform high volumes of aesthetic procedures. The list features breast augmentation, implant mastopexy, facial lipofilling, rhinoplasty, Brazilian butt-lift, genital rejuvenation and many more. Hair transplantation and minimal invasive procedures like botox and fillers are also done regularly. One also gets exposure to the MIBIS technique for breast augmentation that has been devised at Wellness Kliniek.

The fellow is allowed to participate in all cases as per his liking. In a month, a fellow can easily participate in nearly 150 cases. One can also perform procedures under supervision, if he wins confidence of the consultants. Dr Damen is the director of the fellowship program. Words cannot aptly the great qualities of Dr Damen. He has a vast experience and is a wonderful teacher. He not only taught me the basic points but also the finer details which can separate excellent from the ordinary outcomes. His friendly outlook puts you at ease and allows one to ask him any question under the sky. Needless to say, he has satisfactory explanation to all your queries. He also has a unique approach to patients in outpatient clinic, which is important in the field of aesthetic surgery. Dr Visser is a graceful lady and brings her enormous experience with facial surgery to the operating table. One can easily pick up nuances of facelift and blepharoplasty from her. Dr Verdonck must be appreciated for his meticulousness, apart from his clinical skills. Dr Van Zele has a calm temperament and his concern for perfectionism is worth emulating. I must also mention the wonderful time spent with Dr Hansen and his lovely team during the weekly hair transplants. I had limited exposure to aesthetic procedures during my university training. However, after the fellowship, I am confident that I can perform most procedures independently.

The clinical fellowship could not have been possible without the wonderful supporting team. I would specially like to thank Stephanie for all her help and support during the application process. She was more like a friend during my stay there and was always ready to help. I must mention Elke and her team of secretaries who took care of my accommodation and other logistics. Danielle and her efficient operating team deserve kudos for managing a hectic operating schedule with a composed smile.

Overall, I feel that the management has taken every effort to ensure a satisfying cosmetic surgery fellowship experience. Wellness Kliniek in Belgium, Europe certainly qualifies to be a ‘centre of excellence’ for aesthetic surgery services and training. I whole heartedly recommend young plastic surgeons to avail this opportunity for mastering the cosmetic surgery speciality.

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