Dr. Praveen Chandra Krishna

Specialist surgeon in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Native country: India

Post-Graduate Fellowship in Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and MIBIS: Minimal Invasive Breast Implant Surgery:  10/10/2017 – 05/01/2018

My Fellowship Testimonial

The Wellness Kliniek is the center of excellence when it comes to cosmetic surgery, with the highest standard of patient safety and satisfaction.

I got the opportunity to join the fellowship after a long waiting period but it's worth waiting for it. The 3-month fellowship program is very well organized under medical director and senior consultant Dr Damen and Fellowship Coordinator Stephanie.

During the first few days of my training I was a little anxious about the new working environment, new place and different language. I was also travelling in Europe for the first time. But Stephanie and her team helped every step of the way: from finding groceries to arranging accommodation and even helping with travel. They treated me as one of their family. Life became a lot easier.

The accommodation provided was 5 star with spacious bed rooms, a huge living area and an excellent kitchen with all facilities for cooking. It had everything to make you feel comfortable.

Soon I settled and was able to concentrate on my program. I assisted with around 16 to 20 plastic aesthetic surgeries on a daily basis like breast augmentation, breast lifts with and without implants, liposculpture, lipofilling, facelifts, blepharoplasty, labio-plasty, hair transplant and rhinoplasty. All these were completely new to me as I was never exposed to these procedures during my training period.

I can’t imagine any other place in the world were they have such a variety of cases in such high volume and with excellent results. I am very lucky to have been able to experience that under one roof. The amazing thing is that once your supervisor gets confidence in you they will make you perform treatments under supervision. The training improved my surgical skills and made me more confident in practicing cosmetic surgery independently in India.

In the operation theater Dr Damen helped me in each and every way. He shared his vast experience and thought me all tips and tricks of breast surgery to get good results which usually come with experience. I was really shocked when he taught me closed rhinoplasty, which he loves performing, and invited me to treat the next patient under supervision. I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart for having so much trust and confidence in me.

Dr Linda Visser, a senior plastic surgeon, offered me the chance to learn facelifts, blepharoplasty, mini facelifts, brow lifts, neck lifts and Botox treatment. She answered all my queries with a lot of patience. Dr Van Zele helped me to refine my knowledge of breast surgery and tummy tucks. With Dr Jehin I was able to learn about hair transplants, Botox treatment, fillers and lasers.

I am very lucky to have had very experienced and senior surgeons around me and seeing them work as a well-coordinated team. Additionaly I learnt humbleness, simplicity, dedication to work, respecting the colleagues, helping the juniors and technical staff, which you can't learn so easily . At the end of the day I found it a well coordinated team of people with which the Wellness Kliniek is able to achieve such heights.

I want to thank Mr Caius Spronken, vice-president of the Wellness Kliniek, for having me here and giving me the opportunity to learn skills which I wouldn’t have found anywhere else in the world. I appreciate for having well trained staff from operation theater to reception, which makes work easier for everyone despite having huge operation program and consultation list.

It was a life-time experience for me: the skills I acquired will definitely help me to improve my career back home. The Wellness Kliniek has become like a family to me. I am definitely going to miss all these wonderful people who work here. Hope I well get some opportunity to come back and work here again.

At last I want to thank my friend, my Mentor teacher Dr Damen for all wonderful moments we had during the last 3 months. I will miss you a lot.

Thank you everyone for giving me this opportunity and changing my life in a better and efficient way.

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