Dr. Omkarnath N. Deshpande

Specialist surgeon in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Native country: India

University / Reference: Topiwala National Medical College (Maharashtra University of Health Sciences), Mumbai

Post-Graduate Fellowship in Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and MIBIS: Minimal Invasive Breast Implant Surgery. Period of Fellowship: 14th December 2015 to 19th February 2016

My Fellowship Testimonial

“An experience that will change your life”

It gives me great pleasure to review the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship at the Wellness Kliniek in Genk, Belgium.

During my Plastic Surgery residency in India, I had good exposure to the re-constructive aspect of plastic surgery, but minimal exposure to cosmetic surgery. My aim was to be able to observe and assist in cosmetic surgical procedures and to learn as much as possible. The fellowship was a most wonderful opportunity for me since it was completely devoted to cosmetic surgery, with a special focus on breast augmentation.

About Wellness Kliniek

Located in Genk, Belgium, it is the largest set-up completely devoted to aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. An ISO-9001/14001 certified healthcare centre, it has been performing the highest number of aesthetic breast surgical procedures in Europe. Situated in a large complex with 3 floors, the entire atmosphere is extremely pleasant and positive. The way the clinic is structured, the ambience, the positively welcoming atmosphere was also new to me, and was a learning experience in itself. The ground floor is for consultations, the first floor and second floors house the private rooms for patients while the third floor has the Operation Theatre Complex. The surroundings are pleasant, the railway station and the bus terminal are close by which makes it easily accessible. It is administered primarily by two wonderful people, Ms. Marly-Ann Spronken, the CEO and Mr. Caius Spronken, the Vice-President of Wellness Kliniek International who made me feel extremely comfortable and were very helpful. The wonderful working atmosphere at Wellness Kliniek owes a lot to these two.

Fellowship Supervisors and Consultants

I was lucky to be trained by 5 Consultants in Aesthetic Surgery. Dr. Luc Damen who is the President of the Faculty and the Medical Director is an institution in himself. He is a surgeon-par-excellence, with an extremely vast experience, an amazing knowledge, confidence, supreme surgical speed and efficiency and surgical skills. A most wonderful and caring person, he had so much patience in making sure I learnt things the right way. No amount of words can express my gratitude to him. Dr. Linda Visser, the Vice-President of the faculty and the senior most Plastic Surgeon is also very helpful. She has keen interest in facial plastic surgery and I was able to learn a lot about facelift, blepharoplasties, structural fat grafting from her. She made sure I was able to follow every step of the procedures and most graciously explained every single detail to me. Dr. Kristoff Verdonck exclusively performs breast augmentations and his attention to detail is amazing. He is also very helpful and explained to me many finer aspects in breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Dirk Van Zele, who specialises in breast surgery and body contouring and abdominoplasties  is very creative, cordial and helpful. Dr. Paul Hansenn specialises in hair transplantation surgery, minimally invasive surgery and liposculpting and its a pleasure to learn from him. The two anaesthetists, Dr. Marlon Merhai and Dr. DeGhyslage are also very cordial and taught me a lot about anaesthesia and sedation for day care surgery. The best part is that every consultant is a renowned expert in their respective field and a very good teacher as well.

The non-medical staff

The nursing staff are highly motivated, well trained, friendly and efficient. The working atmosphere and camaraderie between everybody is amazing, and makes it a real pleasure to work at the Wellness Kliniek. The medical secretaries, office staff and the background staff are all very friendly, efficient and make sure you do not have any inconvenience or any problem. Amongst the clinic managers, a very special thanks to the wonderful ladies: Stephanie, Elke, Hilde, Danielle and Tessa. Stephanie is so helpful! thank you so much for everything.


The accommodation provided to the fellows is excellent, with a fully furnished, spacious and comfortable apartment next door to the Kliniek. The kitchen, laundry and entertainment facilities are top-notch, and there is also a high-speed Wi-Fi, a working desk and a small library for the fellow to use.

Working hours

8:30 to 17:30 hours; Monday to Friday. The Operating lists are decided sufficiently in advance, which gives time for the fellow to read about the procedure to be performed the next day. Weekends are free which gives ample time for the fellow to study, relax and to explore the surroundings.

The fellowship

The ability to observe, assist, ask questions, discuss options and review yourself is what makes this fellowship a wonderful opportunity. Each case can be discussed in brief, and the fellow is encouraged to take notes, make his/her own drawings, and ask questions. Fellows are encouraged to scrub in and assist in surgery. I was fortunate to be able to assist in surgeries under supervision which helped me immensely in getting a feel of the tissue that plastic surgeons crave for. I was fortunate to be exposed to the entire gamut of cosmetic surgical procedures. The most commonly performed procedures being breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction and body contouring surgeries, abdominoplasties, blepharoplasties, facelifts, hair transplantation, aesthetic genital surgery, aesthetic facial surgery, autologous fat grafting and scar revisions. There is also good exposure to non invasive aesthetics like botox, fillers, use of PRP etc. This exposure to a wide range of procedures makes it a comprehensive aesthetic fellowship. While most of the working hours were utilised in the Operating rooms, I was encouraged to participate in consultations and post-operative follow-up which I feel is a very important learning experience as aesthetic consultations are quite different!


I was extremely lucky to be able to enjoy Christmas and New Year in Belgium thanks to the wonderful people at Wellness Kliniek. Every day was a memorable experience that I will cherish all my life.

Life in Belgium

Weekends gave me time to explore Belgium, and I enjoyed visiting almost all the major attractions in the Flanders. The Belgians are amazing people in every aspect, friendly, creative, artistic, and helpful. I was able to interact with lots of people on my weekend trips. The food is wonderful (a wonderful change from the spicy food that I am used too), chocolates are good, and the beer is just out of the world! The best part about Belgium however are its wonderful citizens. It was a huge learning experience for me, something that I will always cherish.


To everyone at the Wellness Kliniek: Please do not change! This is a most wonderful fellowship.
To future fellows: Please try to learn basic Flemish/Dutch and French before you arrive into Belgium.


This is truly a wonderful cosmetic surgery fellowship and a learning experience that is sure to change your life. The one-on-one training and interaction and the ability to train in the entire gamut of plastic surgical procedures makes this a once-in -a lifetime opportunity. I cannot thank everyone enough for this opportunity.

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Caius Spronken

Thank you!

"Congratulations for winning the appreciation of both your teammates and patients."

Dear Omkarnath,

Staff admire you, your colleagues respect you and the consultant surgery team trusts you. Thank you for being a great role model – as a plastic surgeon and a friend - for everyone around you. Surgical skill is measured in the positive feedback we receive from colleagues and patients. Thank you and congratulations for winning the appreciation of both your teammates and patients.

Caius Spronken