Dr. Marco G. Aragón

Specialist surgeon in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Native country: Mexico

Masters Degree on Aesthetic Surgery in IESM

Post-Graduate Fellowship in Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and MIBIS: Minimal Invasive Breast Implant Surgery:  6/01/2017 – 7/04/2017

My Fellowship Testimonial

During my fellowship I have assisted in an average of 10 to 14 plastic aesthetic surgeries per day, as well as performed surgeries under supervision.

First of all I would like to congratulate every single member of the Wellness Kliniek family, you are role models for clinics and hospitals around the world of how going to work should be like, there is a special bond between everyone, that brings to life an extraordinary attention as well as a meticulously applied protocol for patient consultation, standardized surgery planification, development, outcomes and follow-ups that have resulted in happy patients all over Europe.

During my fellowship I have assisted in an average of 10 to 14 plastic aesthetic surgeries per day, as well as performed surgeries under supervision by the great surgeons you have in Wellness Kliniek, highly trained, fully committed to excellence and caring about their patients. Without a doubt a perfect hands-on surgical training experience.

Thanks to the Wellness Kliniek high standards I have improved my surgical skills, as well as learned and practice new techniques in a numerous amount of procedures from MIBIS breast augmentation, breast-lifts, liposuctions, lipo-fillings and butt-lifts, abdominoplasty, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, facelifts, mento-plasty, labia-plasty, and hair transplants, allowing me to develop my potential at its fullest, and to be able to provide better and highly trained surgeries for my patients in my private practice.

I would also like to thank and congratulate Marly-Ann Spronken and Caius Spronken for having built such an amazing place to do and have surgery, with the highest standards, and for achieving a Fellowship Program that is beyond every other. Thanks Elke Jehaes and Stephanie Lebrun for being so supportive and making sure everything was alright in and out of Wellness Kliniek facilities. Thanks Dr. Van Zele, Dr. Verdonck, Dr Hanssen, Dr. Visser, Dr. Merhai and Dr. Dehislage, all the nurses staff under manager Danielle, Inge, Anke T, Brenda, Charlotte, Hilda, Lieke, Anke, Marijke, Caroline for all your shared knowledge and for making me feel part of the special team you have and special thanks to Dr. Luc Damen for your patience and teaching capacity, for all the attention, for the tips and for the advices, for the practice and the trust you placed on me, for really making sure I made the most of my fellowship and for sharing the amazing opportunity that is doing surgery with you.

Thank you all for an amazing professional and personal experience, and above all thank you all for your friendship! "Tot ziens!"

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