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Hair transplantation Clinic Belgium: Hair implantation - hair transplantation : redistribution of one's own hair, micro-transplants, micro-surgical grafts and flaps, scalp reduction, hair restoration.

The Wellnss Kliniek in Belgium has more than 10 years' experience in all aspects of hair transplantation techniques, plastic surgical techniques for hair restoration, galeatomy for hair loss prevention and surgical micro-hair grafts.

quality controlled and certified procedures.

Hair transplantation - before Hair transplantation - after

Hair transplantation

Redistribution of one's own hair ; the latest microsurgical hair transplantation method gives excellent results.

  • Outdated hair implantation methods such as FUE, FUT  and Laser hair transplantation are no longer performed at the Wellness Kliniek.
Scalp extension - before Scalp extension - after

Scalp extension

Plastic surgery: reduces excess baldness.

  • Scalp extension: minimises baldness

Hair transplantation and scalp extension

Modern hair restoration: sometimes a combination of 2 surgical techniques is necessary for a beautiful, natural looking result.

  • Microsurgical hair transplantation to redistribute one's own hair: for frontal hairline and temples.
  • Scalp extension: for the balding crown and back of the head.

At the Wellness Kliniek  the scalp extension method is applied to the rear 2/3 of the bald scalp for the best end result. The frontal hairline is filled using the microsurgical hair transplantation method.

Available donor hair is used on smaller areas at the very front and the temples. The rear 2/3 of the back of the head is filled using the scalp extension method (Frechet Method).

Hair transplantation Kliniek Belgium: Total Concept Hair restoration

There are three important hair transplantation and hair restoration methods. Each technique demands a specialised surgical approach:

  • 1. Galeatomy: for hair loss prevention.
  • 2. Microsurgery - Micro hair graft implantation: transplantation of 3000 - 4500 hair in a single session.
  • 3. Scalp extension: plastic surgery for extensive baldness.

The Wellness Kliniek in Belgium is proud to be able to offer the complete range of hair restoration methods. This is thanks to our expert team of hair surgeons and transplantation professionals.

Scalp extension for the crown and back of the head

Micro-grafting is the best technique for restoration of the frontal 1/3 of the scalp. Scalp extension gives the best results for the balding crown and back of the head. Until recently, redistribution of one's own hair was the only transplantation method. Yet this technique is limited.

It is impossible to achieve the necessary thickness for extensive baldness with only the maximal 2.000 hairs. After a micro-grafting procedure is performed on a very bald head, the hair will still be noticeably thin. Several transplant procedures are necessary to achieve a natural result.

The scalp extension method gives a better, more natural result and fuller hair on the crown and back of the head.

Scalp extension: the procedure

  • With the use of an internal elastic stretching system the surgeon gradually stretches the hairline, without it becoming noticeable externally.
  • The first surgical phase involves an elastic stretching system (extender), being placed invisibly under the scalp. If necessary, any excess skin will be removed at the same time.
  • After 1 month you will come back for the second phase. The surgeon removes the stretched bald skin. The stretched hairy scalp will then fill the gap.
  • If necessary the surgeon inserts a new extender during this second phase, for further treatment.
  • 1 month after the second phase you will have to come back to the Wellness Kliniek. The hairy skin is lifted onto the bald area. and provides a more natural head of hair.
  • Transplantation of micro-grafts, to fill up the front hair line and temples can usually be performed at the same time as the scalp extension. This means that the complete procedure can be accomplished in 3 phases.

Scalp extension: the anaesthetic

Scalp extension is performed under intravenous sedation. Contrary to traditional narcosis, you are not connected to a respirator. You will be asleep and breathe for yourself, without feeling any pain at all. When waking up several hours after the surgery, you feel fine, and experience none of the side effects of a general anaesthetic.

Scalp extension: recovery

The extender is temporary implanted under the skin. The implant is not visible. The skin is sutured in a fine line and a crust may form in the first few days. Sometimes the forehead is a little swollen, and this can last a few days. Most people return to work the second day after surgery. Social and professional disruption is minimal.

Prevent further hair loss!

Hair transplantation is usually combined with a galeatomy for the best results.

A galeatomy is a surgical operation to prevent further hair loss.

There is very little point having hair restoration surgery if your remaining hair continues to fall out!

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The hair specialists at the Wellness Kliniek will compile a personal plan for you which meets your specific requrements. This ensures the most beautiful and permanent results.

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Hair Transplantation Belgium: What is a scalp extension? The scalp extension (stretching of the healthy skin with hair) is also called scalp reduction, because (bare) skin is removed. The technique used is called "Frêchenet method". It is a treatment against baldness in which large parts of the bald scalp are removed. The parts of the head on which the hair still grows are then stretched. The procedure is often performed in combination with a hair transplant. Look at the results of scalp reduction and hair transplantation on the many before/after pictures. Please refer to the price for a scalp extension / scalp reduction on our pricelist for hair implantation / hair transplant.