Eyelashes & Eyebrows: Implantation - transplantation


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  • Eyelashes: since 2005 the Wellness Kliniek hair team has been using a new transplantation technique (according to Gandelman). The Wellness Kliniek is progressive and we were one of the first to apply this new technique. Since then we have gained considerable experience in the Gandelman method. Our patients are very satisfied.
  • Eyebrows: the surgeon chooses head hair with the correct fine structure and curvature of your original eyebrows. Each hair is carefully isolated and transplanted at just the right angle. In this way the surgeon can reconstruct part of an eyebrow or an entire one, giving a perfectly natural result.    

Eyelash and eyebrow restoration: Transplantation - Implants

Eyebrows and eyelashes can be lost in various ways, through:

  • Trauma: accidents, burn wounds, etc.
  • Illness and medical treatments.
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Hereditary factors
  • Epilation or pulling them out yourself
  • Cancer treatments: radiation, chemotherapy, surgical removal of a tumour.

The surgeon places the hairs with extreme care in the eyebrow area or on the eyelid so that it gives the most natural looking result.

Some important steps in eyebrow or eyelid transplantation are:

  • Careful microscopic cutting of each individual hair or graft. (donor area)
  • Placing each individual hair or graft in the eyelid or eyebrow.
  • Carefully taking into account the angle or direction of growth so that the natural line of hairs is meticulously followed

Eyebrows and eyelashes are important features for the symmetry of the face. Someone who is missing eyebrows or eyelashes can feel self conscious about their physical appearance. Hair transplantation can offer a solution in this case.

Micro-surgical hair transplantation can restore the eyebrows and/or the eyelashes as well as the patient's self confidence. 

Eyelash implantation: eyelash transplantation

Under local anaesthetic the surgeon takes micro-grafts from the scalp and implants the harvested follicles,the permanent hairs,into the eyelid. The grafts are divided into single follicle units. Any excess fat, dermis, and epidermis is trimmed away to make each micro-graft as small as possible. After anaesthetising and protecting the eyelid with a protective shield the hairs are implanted one by one into the eyelid. Every hair follicle is implanted individually: all micro grafts are single follicle hairs, placed into the eyelid with the utmost care, using a very fine transplanting needle. The procedure takes about one to three hours. After transplantation, the new eye lashes grow longer than natural eyelashes and therefore need regular trimming.

This exceptionally sophisticated microsurgical procedure results in everlasting growing eyelashes. This means that the length of the eyelashes can be determined by the patient.

Eyelash and eyebrow implants: eyebrow reconstruction

Under local anaesthesia the surgeon takes grafts from the scalp area and implants these to the eyebrows. Some people may wish to correct defects in the eyebrow; others may wish to fill out patchy eyebrows. Missing hairs or defects can be caused by scars, accidents, burns, or a medical condition. The grafts are taken from the rear of the scalp, and are divided into single hair follicle grafts, which are then implanted one by one to the eyebrow. Eyebrows may require several hundreds of single hair grafts, depending on the extent of the reconstruction.

Hair transplantation eyebrowThe hair surgeon pays particular attention to the direction and angle of the growth of the eyebrow hairs. The surgeon can successfully transform patchy or missing eyebrows into natural-looking eyebrows.

About 90% of newly transplanted hairs survive and create full eyebrow.

Eyelashe and eyebrow implants: Aftercare for eyelash and eyebrow transplants

Both eyelash and eyebrow transplantation yield very positive results, with few complications. Bleeding is minimal, there is no visible scarring, and the overall results are extremely natural.

Itching is the most common post-operative side-effect. Scratching can be a risk for infection. The surgeon will in this case prescribe medication to relieve itching and glasses may be worn to deter scratching.

As the transplanted hairs grow in their new position they may require a little extra care such as occasional trimming and "training" with some gel or wax.

Your appointment for a consultation

Every eyelash and eyebrow transplantation is an extremely personal and unique procedure and the doctor must first make a thorough analysis in order to achieve the best results. Not everyone is a suitable candidate. A comprehensive pre-examination is therefore essential.

You can discuss all your questions and wishes duing your consultation with the doctor. During the consultation it will become clear which operation is most suitable for you and what exactly you can expect.

We try to keep our waiting times for hair implantation surgery as short as possible. For most hair restoration treatments we can usually see you within four weeks.

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Implanting eyelashes and eyebrows: Reconstruction of eyelashes or eyebrows by (hair) transplantation is possible. Eyelashes or eyebrows can be lost due to an accident, burns, illness or medication, careless epilation or pulling out and cancer treatments. Fortunately, there is something to do about it with a hair transplant. Hair transplantation allows eyelashes and eyebrows (and associated self-confidence) to be restored. The Wellness Kliniek in Belgium has experience with the Gandelman method in which - under local anaesthesia - small hair grafts from the scalp are implanted on the eyelid. Approximately 90% of the transplanted hairs catch on. It should be noted that hair growth on the new eyelashes or eyebrows is of course faster and longer than with natural eyelashes or eyebrows. However, it is sufficient to trim the new eyelashes or eyebrows from time to time. View the price list: price eyebrow implantation & price eyelashes implantation. Prices per (upper) eyelid: filling or reconstruction.