Botox for Vaginal Pain: Vaginismus


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Vaginismus treatment : vaginismus (vaginal muscle spasms) can be treated with physical therapy.

Relaxation exercises sometimes work, but demand considerable time and effort. A Botox or Dysport injection works immediately. The low dose of Botox is absolutely safe. A few days after the injection your vaginal muscles will completely relax. You can then have totally normal sexual intercourse.  

A Botox - Dysport injection for treating vaginismus is simple, safe and gives immediate results.

Botox: vaginal pain, vaginismus

Botox ® is not just for wrinkles! The product was developed as a treatment for spastic muscle disorders. Botox ® is used for treating vulvodynia, vulvar vestibulitis and vaginismus. These are painful and distressing conditions of the vulvar and vaginal area.

Botox treatment for vaginismus and vulvodynia (pain)
Help! My vagina is too small, too tight!

The adult vagina itself is not too small to accommodate a penis. The walls of the vagina are elastic but the entrance can go into a spasm when your partner tries to insert his penis. This condition is called vaginismus. A simple Botox injection can offer the solution!

Vaginismus is an abnormal, cramp-like condition of the vaginal muscles. It particularly interferes with sexual intercourse making penetration painful and sometimes impossible. Refraining from sex is, of course, not the ideal solution.

Botox is a proven long-term muscle relaxant. It has been used extensively in facial aging and spasticity. It is administered by fine needle injection directly into the offending muscles. Botox will paralyze and relax cramping muscles temporarily. The effect usually lasts between 2 and 6 months after which treatment can be repeated.

A Botox injection can cure vaginismus

The antispasmodic effects disappear completely after a while, but the effect of a normal sex life during this period can eventually heal vaginismus completely. Our experience has shown that women need an average of 2 repeat treatments to be rid of this terrible vaginal tension. It is extremely rare that the treatment needs to be repeated permanently (every 6 months).

Vaginismus: your appointment for treatment

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