Lip lift before and after photos

Lip Lift

Browse our gallery of lip lift before and after photos to get a realistic picture of lip lift results. The lip lift before and after photos show how the procedure makes your upper lip appear less thin which contributes to a more youthful appearance. A lip lift is a small procedure with a big effect. Curious about lip lift before and after photos? In this photo gallery, you will discover photos of the bullhorn lip lift, also known as the butterfly lift. Make an appointment with a plastic surgeon lip lifts for a permanent lip lift consultation.

Close-up photo of lips with a gentle smile, highlighting the natural mouth shape before the lip lift. Before
increased volume and definition of the upper lip after the lip lift. After
Three-quarter view of the face before lip lift, showing lips at rest. Before
Three-quarter view of the face after lip lift, showing improved facial harmony and more defined lips. After
photo of lips before lip lift, showing minimal upper lip definition Before
lips after lip lift, revealing increased volume and improved definition of the upper lip. After

Lip lift before and after photos: fuller upper lip without fillers

A lip lift is a minor procedure that shortens the distance between the upper lip and the nose. This is done to make the upper lip appear more visible and fuller. During the procedure, a small strip of skin just under the nose is removed, which turns the upper lip slightly up and out, making the pink part on the inside of the lip, known as the lip red, more visible. This will make the upper lip appear fuller and this without the use of fillers. The procedure is usually performed under local anaesthetic and has permanent results.

Pictures of lip lift at Wellness Kliniek

On this page, we have collected lip lift photos for you, to give you a good idea of what is possible with this procedure. We think it is important that you are well informed about the treatment before you decide to go ahead with it. You can read more about the lip lift on our treatment page, or make an appointment for a personal consultation.

Bullhorn liplift before and after photos

The lip lift is also known as the bullhorn liplift or the butterfly lift. This is because an incision is made just below the nose, in the folds, in the shape of bull horns or a butterfly. The incision will quickly fade and fall away into the folds. This is how your doctor at Wellness Kliniek creates a natural result. Would you prefer a (temporary) lip lift with fillers? Then read more about lip fillers.

Lip lift result before and after

The lip lift result is an upper lip that is lifted upwards, making your lip appear larger and a bit thicker. This creates a natural, younger and fresher look. The result of a lip lift can vary depending on the current shape of your lips. During a no-obligation consultation, you will hear from your doctor what to expect in terms of personalised results.

Lip lifts before and after photos

The lip lift procedure is mostly chosen by women aged 45 and over, as ageing causes the lips to sag a little, making the upper lip appear slightly thinner. But, young or old, it doesn't matter to us! Because if you would like to have something done to the appearance of your lips, we at Wellness Kliniek offer a range of procedures to give you the desired lip result. A personal consultation offers clarity.

Bullhorn liplift experience

Besides the liplift before and after photos, are you curious about the liplift experiences of our patients? Then take a look at the reviews and ratings we have received through various platforms. We won the WhatClinic Award for excellent patient experiences for several years and offer ISO 9001 quality assurance on all procedures at Wellness Kliniek. We are proud of that!

Lip lift costs

Curious about lip lift costs? We have transparent prices, so you know where you stand. With an all-in liplift price, including precaution, aftercare and VAT. Want an incision-free lip lift, and looking for a low-threshold solution for a temporary lip lift? Then take a look at our lip lift prices.

Get advice on lip lift before and after!

We want to reiterate that personalised advice is a must when considering a bullhorn liplift. The bullhorn liplift before and after result can vary from patient to patient, depending on the current shape and condition of your upper lip. The before and after photos indicate what is possible. During a no-obligation consultation, the doctor will discuss what to expect. View the lip lift photos and make your no-obligation appointment.

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Lip lifts: no-obligation consultation at Wellness Kliniek

Online, you can book your lip lift appointment very easily. You can always show your surgeon pictures of lips you like. The surgeon always strives for a result that balances your face and gives you honest advice on what is feasible and beautiful for your face. Book your personal consultation now at Wellness Kliniek.

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