• Dental bleaching for 450 EUR

    6 treatments in 1 session

  • Dental implants starting at 700 EUR

    A solid, stable solution that lasts a lifetime.

Aesthetic Dentistry

  • Beautiful smile Beautiful smileAll aspects of your treatment are discussed at the intake consultation. We offer tailor-made aesthetic dentistry.
  • Complete range Complete rangeImplants, facings, crowns, bridges or click-dentures. It is our pleasure to give you a beautiful smile.
  • Your consultation Your consultationThe consultation with the dental specialist is extremely important. During the appointment you discuss your wishes and your expectations.
  • Beautiful results Beautiful resultsThe consultation allows you to make an informed choice for a beautiful end-result.
  • Thorough examination Thorough examinationWe take digital panoramic x-rays of your whole jaw. This helps the dentist to clearly determine the best treatment.
  • All-inclusive prices All-inclusive pricesFollowing the consultation you will receive a tailor-made treatment plan with an exact price.
  • Safe dental bleaching Safe dental bleachingProfessional tooth whitening: You receive three treatments in one session. The session lasts one hour. This guarantees optimum results.
  • Hollywood Smile Hollywood SmileOur most popular dental treatment: Total dental aesthetics is the new trend for anyone who wants to improve his or her appearance.
  • Total make-over Total make-overThe Hollywood effect is achieved with Procera Zirconium crowns. The result is a perfectly natural-looking set of teeth.
  • Strong crowns Strong crownsProcera Zirconium crowns don't just look gorgeous, they are also very strong. The crowns contain no metal and let the light shine through.
  • Tailor-made Tailor-madeEach tooth is individually made-to-measure. The shape and colour perfectly match your set of teeth, your face and your personality.
  • Modern aesthetics Modern aestheticsOne treatment lasts between one and four hours. Most treatments can be performed with a simple local anaesthetic.
  • Safe anaesthetic Safe anaestheticWe also offer intravenous sedation or a general anaesthetic.
  • Luxurious private patient rooms Luxurious private patient roomsFollowing intravenous sedation or a general anaesthetic you spend the day at the kliniek. Our private patient rooms have en-suite bathrooms.
  • Short stay Short stayFollowing intravenous sedation you can return home or to your hotel the same day. Following a general anaesthetic you spend at least one night at the kliniek.
  • Sterile environment Sterile environmentSkilled doctors - modern implantology infrastructure. We adhere to the highest safety and sterility standards.
  • Quality Guarantee Quality GuaranteeThe Wellness Kliniek has been awarded EN 15224 Quality Certification for the healthcare sector. We are licensed as a 'general hospital'.
  • Always available Always availableOur doctors are available 24/24, 365 days a year for your aftercare.
  • Meticulous aftercare Meticulous aftercareWe are there to support you until you achieve the desired results.
  • Short waiting lists Short waiting listsWe do our best to keep our waiting lists as short as possible. We can usually see you in 4 to 6 weeks.
  • International fame International fameThe Wellness Kliniek is famous for cosmetic dentistry. Our patients come from all over the world.
  • Next-Day-Surgery Next-Day-SurgeryWe offer a special service for patients who have to travel a considerable distance to reach us: when possible we will plan your treatments on consecutive days.
  • Attractive prices Attractive pricesBecause we treat a large number of dental patients we are able to offer cosmetic dentistry at very attractive prices.
  • Price Guarantee Price GuaranteePrices are valid for 2 months after you make your reservation.
  • Online Reservation Online ReservationYou can already reserve your consultation or treatment a few months in advance. You can also make your reservation online. Always give us a call first to arrange a DATE.
  • Always at your service Always at your serviceOur appointments desk is open from 8 am until 6 pm.
  • We are already looking forward to your visit! We are already looking forward to your visit!We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have. To make an appointment it is best to contact us by phone.

Aesthetic cosmetic dentistry: information, photos, prices, reviews

The Wellness Kliniek offers the range of aesthetic dentistry. We are specialised in making a healthy set of teeth look more beautiful.

Cosmetic dentistry in Belgium: Results & Prices, Before & After Photos. These www.pages will provide you with information about dental implants, crown and bridge work, veneers, tooth whitening and more.

The Wellness Kliniek is specialised in all aesthetic dental treatments. We offer the very latest in cosmetic dentistry technology.

More information about cosmetic dentistry

  • Whitening: a white smile

    Whitening: a white smile

    As you get older, if you drink coffee or tea, if you smoke, your teeth will become darker or yellower. It is possible to have your teeth whitened. The result is a whiter set of teeth which make you look younger. The Wellness Kliniek Power Bleaching method is a tailor-made programme. Your teeth are treated with our powerful, medical, bleaching method; the result is significantly whiter teeth.

    Tooth whitening is an extremely popular treatment at the Wellness Kliniek. Make your reservation in time! 

    Read more about dental bleaching - tooth whitening

  • Implants: artificial roots

    Implants: artificial roots

    Have you lost your teeth? If so, we can replace them with implants. A dental implant can be compared to a tooth root and is shaped like a screw. The dental implant is implanted in the jawbone. For most people permanent teeth fitted on implants offer the best solution for replacing a single tooth or a set of dentures. With the All-on-4 ® implant method you can now have a full set of teeth (permanent teeth) fitted in just one day.

    Read more about artificial roots

    More about All-on-4 ®: Permanent teeth fitted on 4 implants

  • Crowns: porcelain caps

    Crowns: porcelain caps

    You don't always need implants. Instead your healthy roots can also provide a good foundation for a new crown. For example, you can have 6 crowns fitted to achieve a significant improvement in the look of your teeth and general appearance. This treatment has become very popular, despite the cost, among people whose outward appearance is important to them and among public figures that are often in the spotlight.

    Read more about porcelain caps

  • Dentistry: initial consultation

    Dentistry: initial consultation

    During the intake consultation, following a comprehensive examination, a treatment plan and cost estimate will be compiled based on the possibilities and your requirements and budget. It includes:

    • A complete case history.
    • A dental examination.
    • Digital x-rays and slides.
    • Discussion to assess your options, your requirements and budget.
    • Cost estimate and treatment plan.

    Digital images are made with an OPG X-ray machine. This is all included in the cost of the consultation.

  • Team and quality

    Team and quality

    Our aesthetic dental team is made up from highly trained dentists and doctors with many years' experience in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry. Our dental equipment meets the latest high-tech quality standards. We only use the highest quality materials, work wth the best dental technicians and laboratories for optimal quality; form and colour of your new teeth. 

    All dental specialists under the same roof: dentist, implantologist, gum expert, orthodontologist / orthodontist & plastic surgeon.

  • Specialist VIP Kliniek

    Specialist VIP Kliniek

    Clinics with an quality label not only guarantee you the best medical care and short waiting lists, but also a personal approach.

    If you are considering having cosmetic dentistry, check the qualifications of the clinic and make sure you know in advance exactly what you are paying for. Check out the clinic's official quality guarantee, in particular the aftercare and terms of the guarantee.

    Read more about our quality control  

  • Ask for free online advice

    Ask for free online advice

    You can complete our free online advice questionnaire and upload photos of your teeth if you want. Our team of specialists will answer your questions without any obligations and free of charge.

    This advice can not replace the consultation with the dentist, but already gives you an idea of the possibilities and determines whether you are a suitable candidate for the treatment you would like.

  • Tailor-made treatment plan

    Tailor-made treatment plan

    Before the cosmetic dentist can compile a treatment plan he first assesses your general health by discussing your medical history with you. The dentist will then perform a dental examination. If you still have your own teeth then the gums must be healthy or have treatment to improve their condition. The condition of the jawbone is also examined by taking an X-ray (a digital OPG image of your mouth and jaw).    

    The prices specified on the website are general guide prices. We can only compile a treatment plan with a quotation after a consultation with the dentist.

Belgium: TOP destination for plastic surgery in Europe - quality certified private clinic

All plastic surgeons and dentists are experts in their cosmetic field and are fully government registered in their medical specialty. Wellness Kliniek Belgium stands for safe surgery. The Wellness Kliniek has 4 operating rooms, recovery department, accommodation facility, 25 beds, 10 private rooms with bathroom.

Planning your medical trip has never been easier! For people who have to travel a considerable distance, the clinic offers a unique Next-Day-Surgery service: your consultation and operation on consecutive days.

Private clinic fordentistry in Belgium. The Wellness Kliniek specializes in aesthetic dentistry and has all specialists under one roof: dentists, plastic surgeons, implantologists, gum experts & orthodontists. You can consult us for both functional and cosmetic dentistry. Since all interventions (oral examination, X-ray dental / X-ray dental imaging, dental implants, dental crowns placement, dental bridges placement, customized click dentures, etc.) can be performed in the same clinic, the price for dentistry is advantageous. Moreover - in case of anxiety for the dentist - a treatment under anaesthetic is also possible. After all, unlike the average dental practice, the Wellness Kliniek has an anaesthetist at its disposal. The Wellness Kliniek Dental Team has many years of experience and works with the most modern dental equipment: only the highest quality materials and best dental technicians and dental laboratories.  During the first consultation the dentist, after extensive examination of the mouth, draws up a treatment plan and cost estimate, in accordance with your wishes and budget. Make an appointment with the dentist / dental surgeon to discuss the possibilities with you. Read more about the various interventions: placing dental implants (artificial roots), crowns and bridges, completely new teeth with click dentures, bleaching, etc. Wellness Kliniek: specialist for healthy and beautiful teeth! Our clinic is easily accessible from the UK and London. For patients who still need to travel further, we offer a special Next-Day-Surgery formula. Read more about this on our website. In general, our waiting lists are shorter and the rates are more favourable.