Anaesthesia & Sedation

In the past invasive cosmetic surgery was always performed under a general anaesthetic. Even modern forms of sedation can still result in an increased risk of unpleasant side effects (swelling, increased chance of nausea, memory loss, reduced libido...).

In the Wellness Kliniek we do everything we can to minimise the risk of side effects and complications, this also applies to the methods we use for sedation / anaesthesia. Your health and safety is our top priority.

This is why we have a preference for:

  • Local anaesthetic: you are awake
  • Intravenous sedation: you are asleep

  Certain deep tissue procedures require:

  • An epidural: you are awake
  • A general anaesthetic: you are asleep  

Local Anaesthetic

For a number of our less invasive operations you can opt for a local anaesthetic instead of intravenous sedation. This means that during surgery you will feel no pain and will be fully conscious of everything happening around you, just like at the dentists.

Intravenous sedation

Due to progress made in sedation techniques (sedation in combination with local anaesthetic), cosmetic procedures can now be performed without a general anaesthetic.

With more effective pain relief a light form of anaesthesia is sufficient. Unlike traditional anaesthesia your breathing will not be controlled by a machine.

You will breathe for yourself and swallow while you are asleep, feeling no pain.

A couple of hours after the procedure you feel fine and are spared the sometimes unpleasant side-effects of a general anaesthetic.

In the Wellness Kliniek we are more than happy to be able to benefit from the progress made with regards to anaesthesia. No more general anaesthetic for the majority of cosmetic procedures.

This is also of great benefit to patients who are considering combining a number of procedures in the same operation.  Combined procedures can be performed safely without the need for a general anaesthetic. Another serious advantage of combining procedures is that you do not disappear repeatedly and for long periods from the social scene and only have to interrupt your working schedule once for the recovery process.  

Intravenous sedation is safer

Intravenous sedation in combination with a local anaesthetic applied to the area to be treated:

  • You do not need a general anaesthetic, so there are no unnecessary risks of side effects from this traditional method.
  • With this modern sedation technique longer surgical procedures can now be performed - in safety - without further unnecessary risks of a general anaesthetic.

General anaesthetic - epidural anaesthesia

A general anaesthetic is used for operations which require the patient to be totally unconscious. This can be necessary for deep tissue operations (e.g. stomach reduction). An epidural: epidural anaesthesia is another option for certain procedures.

For cosmetic plastic surgery a general anaesthetic is not necessary. For most operations we prefer to use intravenous sedation.

For gastric bypass surgery the patient does require a general anaesthetic. During a general anaesthetic the anaesthetist is present throughout the entire operation to watch over the patient. He controls the patient's breathing, bloodflow; hydration and general condition. The anaesthetist regulates and watches over all the vital bodily functions such as heartbeat, blood pressure and kidney function.

Following the operation the anaesthetist stops administering the medication which keeps the patient unconscious. The patient is taken to the recovery room where specially trained nursing staff are present to monitor the patient's condition. Once the patient is completely conscious he or she is taken back to their room. Sometimes patients can feel cold and a little confused. It is possible to experience some pain or feel nauseous. These complaints can generally be easily remedied. 

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Anaesthesia - Sedation