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Stomach removal surgery & Stomach Pacemaker
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Stomach reduction: Stomach operations for weightloss surgery: Which stomach operation is most suitable for me? Scopinaro – stomach pacemaker – lap band – gastric ring – stomach band – gastric balloon – gastric bypass? What are the risks and side effects of stomach reduction? Detailed information is essential before you decide to have a stomach operation to tackle your obesity. Our webpages will help provide you with this information, but can not replace a consultation with your surgeon.

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Only the Fobi Gastric Bypass is safe and efficient enough

At the Wellness Clinic we adhere to a formal quality system. Only those operations which meet our strict high quality standards are eligible. The following operations are not eligible, neither the lap band, nor the stomach ring nor the stomach balloon.

The Fobi Gastric Bypass stomach reduction offers a safer and more effective alternative.

Stomach removal surgery
The Scopinaro method: the operation

2/3 of the stomach is removed

Scopinaro is the name of the surgeon who developed this drastic stomach reduction in the 70’s. The procedure was particularly drastic because a large part of the stomach was removed. The gall bladder was also removed because the risk of gall stones was too high. The Scopinaro method is now seldom performed anywhere in the world.

Stomach removal surgery
The Scopinaro method: high risks - complications - disadvantages

Food and nutrients arenít absorbed properly

Food and nutrients aren’t absorbed properly. This is what guarantees weightloss, but not in a healthy and responsible manner. This is because also the important nutrients and vitamins – which we need for our body to function properly, are lost.

The gallbladder is removed: so that there is no risk of gall stones, but it is certainly not healthy. Another serious disadvantage is the increased risk of kidney stones. As the result of a considerable loss of moisture, through frequent diarrhea, the kidneys work less efficiently, resulting in them producing kidney stones more quickly.

Perhaps the greatest inconvenience following this operation is that patients suffer from frequent foul-smelling diarrhea. This is considered socially to be extremely unpleasant. 

Stomach pacemaker surgery
The stomach pacemaker: the operation

The electrical signals block the impulses between the brain and the stomach

The 'stomach pacemaker' is an implant which is inserted under the skin. The electrical signals block the impulses between the brain and the stomach, so that we quickly feel full after a normal meal.

The stomach pacemaker is made from an electrode implant with a wire and a special battery. The surgeon inserts the electrode in the layer of muscle in the stomach wall. The small battery is placed in the abdominal wall. The surgeon sets the number of impulses per second. The number of impulses can later be adjusted, according to the patient’s wishes. The operation is performed by endoscopy, no large incision is made. The treatment can be performed as day surgery and the patient can go home the day after.

The stomach pacemaker:
Gastric pacemaker surgery: high risks - complications - disadvantages

Very expensive and weight loss is not guaranteed

The pacemaker is very expensive and weight loss is not guaranteed. Theoretically the pacemaker is very promising, but clinical studies are very disappointing.

In the United States an important study was carried out a few years ago. With the stomach pacemaker one can lose a maximum of 10% of his/her excess weight. So if one weighs 35kg too much, then one will lose just 3,5 kg.

Generally this weight loss is not a result of the pacemaker, but comes from the fact that at the same time one also has to visit a dietician. When a patient has a pacemaker fitted, he or she must sign a contract in which he/she agrees to visit a dietician once a week for a period of one year.

Due to the minimal weight loss and the high cost of the stomach pacemaker, this method is not a good choice for treating obesity.

A safer and more efficient alternative

Fortunately, there are safer and more effective alternatives to the Scopinaro method and the gastric pacemaker.

Read more about stomach reduction via Gastric Bypass / gastric bypass.

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Stomach surgery: losing weight/maintaining weight safely through stomach surgery? What are the risks, side effects, and results of gastric surgery for obesity. Which stomach operation is safe and efficient? The Scopinario method and gastric pacemaker, as well as the gastric ring, are gastric balloon methods that we advise against at the Wellness Kliniek in Belgium. As an alternative we propose (in many cases) the gastric bypass surgery. It is important to choose an efficient but also safe method for stomach reduction. Our private clinic in Belgium offers a quality guarantee and therefore opts for the safest, most secure method for weight taking operations.