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Weight Loss Surgery
Mason stomach removal surgery: vertical banded gastroplasty


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Stomach operations for weightloss surgery: Which stomach operation is most suitable for me? What are the risks and disadvantages of such an operation? Detailed information is essential before you decide to have a stomach operation to tackle your obesity. Our webpages will help provide you with this information, but can not replace a consultation with the doctor.

Stomach removal surgery with the Mason method

Not many patients are eligible

The Mason method was developed by Prof. Dr. Mason over 30 years ago. This operation gives good results in patients who can eat slowly and calmly and who have no trouble avoiding sweet foods. Unfortunately not many patients who seek medical intervention for their obesity are eligible for a Mason operation

Weight Loss Surgery - Stomach removal surgery
Mason gastroplasty: the operation

With the vertical banded gastroplasty (vertical stomach reduction) a sort of pouch is created (just like with the gastric ring – stomach band operation) by fastening the front and back of the stomach using staples. A ring is placed at the end of this connection, to prevent the space from expanding.

In other words a new smaller stomach is created within the stomach itself. Food first enters the new stomach and because it is small, the patient quickly feels full, and the feeling of hunger is removed from the part of the brain which controls this sensation.

The new stomach empties slowly via the ring into the rest of the stomach, where the digestive process continues.
The ring between the first and second parts of the stomach doesn’t stop liquid foods getting through, such as sugary drinks, ice cream, chocolate milk, milkshakes or soup. If you do drink high calorie drinks, you will of course not lose enough weight.

Weight Loss Surgery - Mason stomach removal surgery
Risks - complications - disadvantages

Following a vertical gastroplasty, or stomach stapling, patients often suffer from nausea and vomiting. Heartburn can also cause great inconvenience.

The patient must be extremely motivated to lose weight. This is because the operation makes it difficult to eat solid food, but allows the consumption of liquid food. This makes it even more difficult to say “no” to those tasty but calorie rich drinks. And if you give in you will of course not lose weight.

The procedure is only partly reversible. The surgeon can only remove the silicone ring. Generally this is sufficient to remove the restrictive effects of the operation.

A large proportion of patients, after the Mason procedure (in some cases 50%), force their staples, by repeatedly putting the new stomach under its maximum pressure. Once a couple of staples open, the effect of the procedure is ruined and the patient experiences rapid weight gain until he or she reaches their original weight again or even exceeds it: back to zero.

Weight loss Surgery: New method !
Mason gastroplasty versus Fobi Gastric Bypass Surgery

The gastric bypass operation (also called the stomach bypass or stomach pouch) is by far the preferred procedure for weight loss. This operation is safe and effective.

The Fobi gastric bypass operation is particularly suitable for people who after numerous diets have not lost their excess weight and who especially love confectionery, pasta and sugar rich drinks.

The gastric bypass operation (stomach bypass – stomach pouch) ensures that your body digests food properly but consumes less. The result is drastic weight loss. It also seriously reduces your cravings for sweet foods and reduces the sensation of feeling hungry. After a meal you quickly feel full and satisfied, just like most people.

The Fobi Gastric Bypass stomach operation is safe and effective. You will lose between 60 and 70% of your excess weight in the first year following your operation. The weight loss is greatest in the first few months.

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