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    Pectoral breast implants for a natural-looking result.
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Pectoral augmentation - Pectoral implants for men
Male chest enhancement

Pectoral implants: Cosmetic plastic surgery for men: Breast correction: Chest enhancement - breast augmentation for men. On these pages you can find more information about the operation and breast prostheses for men.

Chest enhancement - before Chest enhancement - after

Chest enhancement

Pectoral implants: Breast prostheses for men

Breast augmentation - Chest enhancement for men

Male chest enhancement

Plastic surgery with pectoral implants

Men frequently find that even with a lot of exercise, they are unable to achieve the chest enhancement that they desire. This has led to the demand for pectoral implants.

The operation is suitable for a man with an under-developed chest, who has assymetrical development of the chest muscles or who just doesn't have the muscle type that allows him to enlarge his chest with exercise. 

Pectoral breast prostheses

Anatomical shape for a natural-looking result

Pectoral breast prostheses

Pectoral breast implants: anatomical shape. This shape gives a natural-looking result. The implants have a rough surface to minimise the risk of capsular contracture. The anatomical shape is the most popular. If you prefer you can discuss having a vertically- shaped with the surgeon. Vertical pectoral implants result in a higher and fuller middle of the chest.

The prostheses are available in different sizes, after all every man is built differently. The specific size and shape is carefully determined at the intake consultation.   

Pectoral implants: the procedure

The procedure can be perfomed on an outpatient basis. This means that you arrive at the Wellness Kliniek in the morning for your treatment which is carried out under intravenous sedation. When the procedure is completed you sleep off the anaesthetic. You can return home or to your hotel the same evening.

The operation is performed endoscopically: the surgeon uses fine instruments and the incision is minimal. In this way the operation runs smoothly and the risk of infection and bleeding is minimal.

The surgeon inserts the pectoral implants via a small incision in the cavity of the armpit. Space is made above the ribs and under the large chest muscle (the pectoralis major muscle). Sometimes the muscle at the edge of the breast bone (the sternum) is detached. Then the plastic surgeon carefully inserts the breast implants.
Breast augmentation - before Breast augmentation - after

Breast augmentation

Breast implants for men

Pectoral implants: recovery

When planning this procedure patients should take into account that they will need to rest for the first few days after the operation. Normal activities can be resumed after a week, though we advise you to wait 6 weeks before resuming any heavy-duty activities and sport.

No risk of leakage and muscle function is not impaired in any way

Pectoral implants are available in different shapes and sizes. They are made from a firm silicone rubber which means there is no risk of leakage.

The aim of the procedure is to achieve a chest which looks as natural as possible, but which also feels manly. The implants are held in place by the pectoral muscle. Muscle function is not impaired in any way. 

Plastic cosmetic surgery for men: your appointment for a consultation

During your initial consultation every detail of your particular treatment will be discussed: which method is best for you, the expected results, possible risks and aftercare.

During the consultation the surgeon will detemine whether you are a suitable candidate for breast augmentation and carefully takes your measurements. After the consultation you can book your operation. We try to keep our waiting lists as short as possible. We can usually see you within 3-6 weeks for a chest enhancement with pectoral implants.

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Breast augmentation / chest augmentation / breast muscle augmentation with pectoral implants: cosmetic plastic surgery to enlarge the chest / enlarge breast muscles with prostheses. Do you have - even after exercises / body building / fitness - a small chest / chest muscles or do you want a wide chest / larger chest muscles? Then a breast enlargement with implants (for men) may be a solution. Read more info about male breast augmentation with implants and see the results for plastic breast surgery in men using before and after photos. The prices for pectoral breast muscle implants/male breast prostheses can be found on our price list for breast correction in men. The current generation of prostheses contain a highly cohesive gel that cannot leak. The Wellness Kliniek in Belgium offers a quality guarantee and is the specialist in plastic surgery for men and women in Belgium.