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Wellness Lift: Mini facelift

Wellness Lift: Mini facelift. Detailed price list and before and after photos. ISO quality gurantee.

The Wellness Lift is a technically improved version of the MACS lift.

The Wellness lift is a type of MACS lift but with additional SMAS plication and the use of slow dissolving antibiotic subcutaneous stitches.

The extra SMAS technique and the slow dissolving antibiotic subcutaneous stitches ensure optimal long-term results.

Minilift - Mini facelift - before Minilift - Mini facelift - after

Minilift - Mini facelift

Improved MACS Lift with extra:

  • SMAS plication: for extra firmness at the bottom of the mouth and jawline.
  • Slow dissolving antibiotic stitches: for optimal long-lasting results.

Mini facelift, optimal long-lasting results

The MACS Lift and the WELLNESS Lift are methods which both use vertical suspension (Cranial Suspension). The MACS lift uses permanent thread. The Wellness lift is characterised by the use of slow dissolving antibiotic stitches which prevent any possible rejection occurring after the procedure .

For maximum long-lasting results a Wellness Lift - with slow dissolving antibiotic stitches and additional SMAS plication is the best option. 

Advantages of the Wellness Lift

The WELLNESS Lift doesn't just correct the SKIN, but also the MUSCLES, subcutaneous FAT and CONNECTIVE TISSUE of the face and the jawline.

Through an incision in the hairline and in the natural crease of the skin in front of the ear, the plastic surgeon detaches the skin from your face and corrects the subcutaneous tissue and tightens the slackened muscles.

To do so the plastic surgeon uses a number of subcutaneous "loops", to suspend and support the subcutaneous tissue during the healing process.

These "loops" are made from slow dissolving thread which dissolve when their job is done. This prevents the stitches being rejected after the procedure.

The correction of the subcutaneous tissue and muscle lifts your skin in a natural way. The Wellness lift ensures a natural-looking, rejuvenating result.

Additional SMAS plication (Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System) results in a beautiful, tighter jawline.

During the consultation with the surgeon you will decide which form of anaethetic you prefer. A Wellness Lift can be performed with a local anaesthetic, but if you prefer intravenous sedation this is also possible. After the procedure you rest for a while at the Wellness Kliniek. You return home the same evening and can resume your normal daily activities 2 weeks later. 

The advantages of the Wellness lift are:

  • Short procedure: 1,5 - 2 hours
  • The procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis
  • Local anaesthetic or intravenous sedation
  • Correction of muscles and connective tissue: vertical lifting
  • Slow dissolving antibiotic stitches for extra firming of the cheeks, cheekbone and jawline
  • Biological degradable thread (stitches) prevents the risk of rejection
  • Additional SMAS plication for a beautiful tighter jawline 
  • Natural-looking effect
  • Firmness with long-lasting results
  • Quick recovery: 14 days
  • Small scar: around the ear and in the hairline
  • Safe with very few complications.

A firmer contour of the cheeks and jawline

  • The great advantage of additional SMAS plication (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) is a beautiful tighter jawline with long-lasting results.
  • The great advantage of slow dissolving antibiotic stitches is that they prevent lumps forming on the stitches and they are not rejected by the body. 

At the Wellness Kliniek we combine the best of the different facelift methods, depending on the individual needs of each patient. Often patients choose for a Minilift (MACS -Lift method) with SMAS plication and slow dissolving antibiotic stitches. We call this improved facelift the WELLNESS Lift. 


For a Beautiful and Natural lift

Modern facelifts give natural, rejuvenating results because the traction on the facial tissue runs vertically, contrary to the horizontal traction of some of the older facelift techniques, which flatten the facial features. The tension on the skin and the subcutaneous tissue is upwards and not sideways. This prevents the face looking as though it has been pulled "too tightly" and the result is a natural, younger-looking you. The slow dissolving stitches are secured as firm subcutaneous loops to an anchor point under the skin. The special elastic, antibiotic thread slowly dissolves. The stitches disappear when they have done their job and the lifted tissue has grown into place. In this way any later rejection to the stitches is avoided. With the Wellness Lift the underlying muscles are secured back into their original position. The slow dissolving antibiotic stitches ensure a firmer contour of the cheeks and jawline. A few months later the stitches have done their job and the tissue has grown onto the right place. The antibiotic stitches dissolve, preventing any later rejection or sensory disturbance. The SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system)weighs more than the skin and thus largely determines the external visible slackness. By correcting the SMAS (plication) at the bottom of the mouth in the direction of the ear and hairline - the skin will look much tighter. Any excess skin is only removed after the SMAS has been corrected. The skin is stitched without any tension. This technique ensures a natural rejuvenating result and optimal scar healing.

MACS Lift and the Wellness Lift

What's the difference between an SMAS Face and Neck lift?

You need a Deep plane SMAS facelift if sagging of the skin, muscles, subcutaneous fat and connective tissue is in an advanced stage. Deeper wrinkles, folds and grooves in the skin on the face and neck can be removed with a full SMAS face and neck lift and a forehead lift.

With a full facelift several incisions are made, often also behind the ear and under the chin because usually all the facial structures are corrected: the forehead and eyebrows up to the neck muscles.

The Minilift, MACS Lift and Wellness Lift are limited and correct central tissue sagging at the cheeks and jowls, often one of the first and most distressing signs of facial aging.

Minilift, MACS lift, WELLNESS lift or Full Facelift? A thorough tissue examination by a skilled plastic surgeon before treatment is essential to achieve the most beautiful results.   

Your appointment for a consultation

At the initial consultation the plastic surgeon will discuss all aspects of the different facelift methods with you, so that the most beautiful results are achieved according to your wishes and your budget.

To make an appointment for a consultation it is best to contact us by phone. 

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Mini facelift
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