Lips: Before and After Pictures

 Lips: Before and after photos of cosmetic treatments for the lips.

Accentuating the outline of the lips, Injections to make the lips fuller, Injectables with Restylane, Perlane, Lip-Plasty: lip enhancement for thin lips, Lip-Plasty: reduction of thick lips, Upper lip rejuvenation: lifting the upper lip, Anti-wrinkle treatment around the upper lip, Gummy smile correction, Lip filling and outline accentuation, Lip enhancement with injectable fillers, Lip enhancement using the patient's own fat.

Lip reduction - before Lip reduction - after

Lip reduction

Lip-Plasty: reducing the size of thick lips

  • Are your lips too big? It is possible to make them smaller.
Lip reduction - Lip plasty - before Lip reduction - Lip plasty - after

Lip reduction - Lip plasty

Reduction bottom lip

Lip reduction - Lip plasty - before Lip reduction - Lip plasty - after

Lip reduction - Lip plasty

Reduction bottom lip

Lips: Fuller lips - before Lips: Fuller lips - after

Lips: Fuller lips

Fuller lips soften your face.

Lifting the upper lip - before Lifting the upper lip - after

Lifting the upper lip

  • Lifting the upper lip: for a younger appearance.
  • Lifting the upper lip
  • Filling the lips.

As we get older our lips lose their fullness. A small procedure which gives a significant improvement.


Lip augmentation - before Lip augmentation - after

Lip augmentation

Shortening the distance between the upper lip and nose

Lip augmentation - before Lip augmentation - after

Lip augmentation

Are your lips too thin or is the red part of the lips too narrow? It is possible to enhance the lips.

If an injection is not effective because the red of the lips is too inverted then it can be enlarged by turning the red of the lips from the inside of the lips outwards.

Injectable fillers - before Injectable fillers - after

Injectable fillers

  • Injectable Fillers / Dermabrasion
  • Lip injections: Temporary fillers give results which last between 6 and 18 months.
  • Then the treatment can be repeated.
  • Bio-Alcamid and Fat transplantation give permanent results.
  • Dermabrasion or Peeling treatments for wrinkles around the mouth.


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