Chin enhancement

Chin enhancement -  Chin correction: lifting the chin (augmentation) - chin reduction - correcting a double chin

Lifting the chin:

  • Enhancing an underdeveloped chin with injectable fillers.
  • Lipofilling - Lipostructure: Chin or jaw enhancement with the patient's own fat.
  • Inserting chin or jaw prostheses - implants

Removing excess fat and / or skin. 

  • Liposculpture - liposuction: removing a double chin
  • Neck correction - Neck lift

Chin correction

Chin correctionFillers for lifting a regressed or underdeveloped chin.

We can enhance your chin with injectables or with your own fat: a few injections with a filler are often sufficient to achieve the desired result. We often also add some volume to the jawline and cheekbones which creates more youthful curves. An oddly-shaped nose can also be visibly improved.

The aim of chin enhancing treatment is to make the nose and chin look in proportion.

Often a small correction of just a few millimeters is enough to achieve the desired results. 

Chin Enhancement: Injectable Fillers

 A slightly regressed or underdeveloped chin can be easily lifted using an injectable filler. We distinguish between the two types of fillers:

1. biodegradable fillers

2. non-biodegradable fillers

Biodegradable fillers are broken down by the body over time which means that their effect slowly disappears. The best known injectables used to enhance the chin are based on hyaluronic acid. 

The advantage of biodegradable fillers is that the result lasts for up to two years, the treatment can then be repeated.

The new generation of injectables are also used for facial rejuvenation and to fill wrinkles:
Liquid facelift technique.

The advantage of non-biodegradable fillers is that you just need one single treatment, with a possible touch up. The result is permanent.

Chin Enhancement: Injections of the patient's own fat

Lipofilling, lipostructure - also called fat transfer or fat transplantation - is a very successful treatment for enlarging an undersized chin or softening a chin which is too pointed. We use excess fat from the stomach or the hips to give extra shape and volume to your chin.

Lipostructure is an improved lipofilling technique. Lipostructure (improved Coleman lipofilling method) is intensively used all over the world to improve the shape and proportions of the face.

The results of lipostructure are more predictable than lipofilling. The results of the treatment are also permanent.

Read more about lipofilling and lipostructure at the Wellness Kliniek.

Chin Enhancement: Implant - Prosthesis

Chin and jaw prostheses: By inserting a chin or jaw implant the profile of your face can look more balanced: the proportion between the nose, chin and jaw is improved. Read more.

Chin correction - before Chin correction - after

Chin correction


  •  Chin prosthesis - Chin implant
  • Liposculpture of the neck
  •  An undersized chin can be lifted or enlarged.
  • An oversized chin can be reduced.
Neck correction - before Neck correction - after

Neck correction

Liposculpture for a double chin

  • Liposculpture - Liposuction of the neck and jawline.
Neck correction - before Neck correction - after

Neck correction

 Neck Lift Correction

  • Neck lift + SMAS muscle (platysmal) band correction
  • SMAS Facelift
  • Upper eyelid correction


Liposculpture - Neck lift: Double chin

 The skin at the neck can become slack and start to sag. Fat can collect there which means that the jawline is less firm.

A double chin is usually the result of:

  • fat deposits
  • excess, sagging skin
  • slack muscles at the base of the mouth and/or neck

Fortunately there is a tailor-made solution to every problem:

  • Liposculpture of the neck: Liposuction of the fat in the neck and under the chin.
  • Neck Lift: SMAS correction + lifting + removal of excess skin.
  • Correction of the neck muscles = Platsymaplasty.

The results for neck correction and liposculpture of the neck are permanent.

Read more about neck correction and liposcultpure of the chin.

Chin reduction: Bone-sculpture

Bone-sculpture for the chin is a plastic surgical technique to reshape the chin's existing bone structure.

A small change of just a few millimeters can result in a significant visible improvement. 

Chin correction: Your appointment

 Chin enhancement can harmonise your facial features. The plastic surgeon will inform you about the treatment which offers the best results for you. He will also inform you about the possible risks and necessary aftercare.

Book your appointment for consultation here.

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