Next-Day-Surgery Reservation
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Wellness Kliniek

The Wellness Kliniek Belgium is one of Europe’s largest hospitals dedicated to cosmetic surgery, aesthetic dentistry and gastric bypass surgery.

We treat thousands of patients per year.

Our doctors are super-specialized in their field. We offer a fully equipped registered hospital (not only an office surgery facility) with ISO 9001 / EN 15224 Quality Certification.

We offer day care treatment, as well as hospital overnight stay facilities.

The Wellness Kliniek has four high-tech equipped operating rooms, a recovery care departement and 18 beds.

This makes the Wellness Kliniek a safe choice.

Elke Jehaes, Quality Manager

For this reason, many of our patients come from abroad.

For those patients travelling from afar, we realize that it is not always convenient to have a consultation with the doctor and then return a few weeks later for surgery or treatment.

That is why we offer a special Next-Day-Surgery service:

your consultation and surgery on consecutive days.

The reservation fee will be deducted from the total fee of your operation.

After booking you will arrive at the Wellness Kliniek to have a consultation with your doctor / surgeon / dentist and the next day you will be listed for surgery / treatment.

Cancellation of your Next-Day-Surgery booking refund

Only after a personal consultation with your doctor can your surgery or treatment be confirmed.

You can make your NEXT-DAY-SURGERY reservation in 3 easy steps.

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