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Cosmetic surgery for the eyes

Plastic cosmetic surgery for the eyes: Eyelid correction, also called blepharyplasty, corrects the skin and the contour of your eyes. Sagging eyelid tissue makes you look older and tired. Furthermore sagging upper eyelids can impede your field of vision and result in complaints such as tiredness and headaches. Applying make-up is also more difficult.

By removing the excess skin, removing or transposing the excess fatty tissue of the lower eyelid and correcting the muscles of the eye contour you will look alert and youthful once more.

Plastic surgery for the eyes

Laser or scalpel?

Some doctors elect to perfom eyelid correction by laser. The procedure is technically simpler for the doctor. The doctor uses the laser as an instrument to cut and burn away the wrinkles on the eyelid so that less skin needs to be removed. The laser may however result in additional and unnecessary complications (risks). The area of treated skin can suffer problems with pigmentation discolouration and the skin on the eyelids can become too tight when it has healed, which means that the eyelid can't shut properly.

When skillfully performed the best results for eyelid correction are achieved with the surgical scalpel. A scalpel is extremely accurate. Skin and fatty tissue can be removed with exceptional precision. The scars which are found in the natural crease of the eyelid fade in time so that the remaining fine line is barely visible.  

Hereditary factors and the natural aging process result in our skin losing its subcutaneous, elastic, connective tissue. This is why the skin around the eyes loses its firmess and elasticity. The upper eyelids start to droop. The skin around the lower eyelids becomes loose and wrinkly. The fatty pocket under the eyes can bulge out and dark rings may appear.

Aging, we all have to put up with it, more or less. Fortunately there are lots of ways we can fight it!

Possible treatments are:

  • Removal of excess skin above the eye
  • Removal of excess skin below the eye
  • Correction of bags under the eyes
  • Eyebrow lifting
  • Treatment for oedema around the eyes which causes puffy, swollen eyelids


Cosmetic surgery for the eyes

Cosmetic surgery for the eyes

Eyelid corrective surgery is tailor-made surgery. There are a number of different surgical techniques which can be applied, depending on the patient's requirements and the amount of skin and fatty tissue which needs to be removed.

With the lower eyelids the biggest problem is often 'bags under the eyes'. These can be caused by:

  • Too much fatty tissue: If there is too much fatty tissue then we remove this fatty cushion through an incision just under the eyelashes. We can also remove some skin and tighten the muscles under the eye to create a beautiul, firm effect.
  • Dark rings: A transposed sagging fatty cushion under the eyes can cause dark rings or "hollow bags".  You have a dark cavity under the eye and the fatty cushion is just underneath. The fat transposition technique allows us to move the fatty cushion back to its original place.
  • Fluid retention or Oedema: We first establish the underlying cause of the bags under your eyes. Fatty tissue or fluid retention? Fatty tissue can be easily removed or transposed, in contrast to fluid; the amount of retained fluid can vary from one hour to the next. Surgical intervention offers no solution. Fluid retention is often the result of intolerance to certain foodstuffs, without us being aware of it. A blood test for food intolerance can be advisable and may offer a solution.

Correction of the upper and lower eyelid should be considered as entirely different procedures. Upper and lower eyelid correction is  often performed at the same time, in 1 session.


  • Correction of the upper eyelid: skin removal from the upper eyelid
  • Correction of the lower eyelid: skin removal from the lower eyelid
  • Correction of the lower eyelid + bags under the eyes: skin and fat removal / transposition of the lower eyelid
  • Correction of bags under the eyes: fat transposition of the lower eyelid.
  • Fluid retention? Blood test for food tolerance.  

Plastic Surgery for the Eyes: Which treatment is most suitable for me?

At the no-obligation consultation the doctor will examine the cause of the problem. Is the skin on your eyelids saggy? Do the fatty deposits under the eyes bulge out? Are droopy eyebrows the cause of your tired appearance? A thorough tissue assessment by a professional and experienced surgeon is the first step to achieving the most beautiful results!

To make an appointment for a no-obligation consultation it is best to contact us by phone.


The Wellness Kliniek in Belgium is internationally famous for Plastic Cosmetic Surgery.

For patients who have to travel a considerable distance to reach us it is not always convenient to have to wait a number of weeks for surgery after you've had your consultation with the surgeon; you need to travel back and forth again.

This is why we offer a unique service: Next-day-Surgery, your intake consultation, preliminary examination and initial treatment on consecutive days. The reservation fee is deducted from the total cost of your treatment.

If you are considering having eyelid corrective surgery it is important that you choose a good clinic and doctor. After all your eyes and your face are your calling card!

Make a considered and well-informed choice.
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