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The Nipples: Areola correction

Cosmetic plastic surgery to correct the nipples and/or the areola is a very popular treatment. These pages will provide you with more information about surgical techniques for AREOLA correction.

Visit our pages about NIPPLE correction for more information.

Areola correction - before Areola correction - after

Areola correction

  • reshaping
  • resizing

Areola correction is often performed as part of breast reduction or breast lift surgery.

Aureola correction - before Aureola correction - after

Aureola correction

Breast plastic surgery:
Nipple correction for men and women

Areola reduction

Nipple correction: correction of the nipple shape, correction of droopy or inverted nipples are very popular procedures at the Wellness Kliniek. The procedures are performed under local anaesthetic or if you prefer, under intravenous sedation.

An oversized areola can be reduced in a number of ways. The mammary gland and the milk ducts usually remain intact. This means that you can also still breastfeed after the operation.

The average areola has a diameter of about 4,5 cm. Surgical correction of an oversized areola removes the pigmented skin around the nipple or around the areola. This can be done by making an incision around the outside of the areola or by making an incision around the nipple.

A swollen areola can be corrected by removing the gland tissue under the skin. An areola reduction is often performed with a breast lift or breast reduction.   

Areola lift

An overused technique for correcting droopy nipples is the simple Benelli Lift. Part of the areola - the coloured skin around the nipple - is removed. A Benelli lift has a tendency to increase the risk of hypertrophic scarring. The Wellness Kliniek prefers the Benelli Lollipop procedure which is a modification of the original procedure. The incision is closed in the shape of a "lolly": a circular scar around the areola which runs downwards. The scar usually heals in a thin line.

We try to leave as few scars as possible. Your aesthetic surgeon will discuss with you the possibilities for the most beautiful result.

The Benelli LiftThe Benelli Lift: doughnut incision around the areola

A doughnut-shaped piece of skin is removed from around the areola. The surrounding tissue is stitched to the areola.

The scar is limited to the areola. Unfortunately this tends to result in hypertrophic scarring which means that a Lollipop Procedure is necessary to correct it.

Sometimes a bit more skin is removed from the areola to give a more lifting effect after stitching.

The Benelli-Lolly LiftThe Benelli-Lolly Lift

Incisions are made around the areola to the breast fold to reduce light sagging (ptosis) of the areola.

This technique is suitable when there is too much inversion for a regular Benelli Lift, and not enough for a total mastoplexy - breast lift - incision. The incision is stitched around the areola with a vertical line towards the breast fold.


Breast reduction

Breast reduction - Breast lift with an areola reduction

Excess skin and sometimes breast tissue is removed to lift a saggy breast. The form of the areola can be corrected during the same operation.

The incision is usually stitched in the form of an 'anchor' around the areola with a vertical line in the direction of the breast fold and in the fold under the breast.

Pigmentation of the areola

In the absence of a circular areola, micro-pigmentation can occur. By using small injections of ink - tattooing - the areola is reconstructed in a colour which matches your natural pigmentation.

Inverted nipples

A normally formed nipple can become inverted. From an aesthetic point of view this can be very undesrable. If the nipple is normal this can be easily corrected with surgery. This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and leaves no scars. Breastfeeding is still possible as the breast ducts remain intact. A nipple can be incorrectly formed and this usually beomes apparent during puberty. Often the milk ducts pull the nipple inwards. The milk ducts have to be detached and this means that breastfeeding is no longer possible. The procedure can be performed under local anaesthetic. You can return home after the operation.

Excessively large nipples

Nipples which are too large or stick out too much can be surgically reduced. This procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic and leaves no scars. Breastfeeding is still possible, the milk ducts remain intact.

Breast corrective plastic surgery
Our expertise and experience

Our plastic surgeons are specialists in all areas of breast surgery and nipple correction.

  • We perform about 3000 cosmetic breast procedures a year. 
  • To make your appointment for a consultation it is best to contact us by phone.
  • We try to keep our waiting lists as short as possible.
  • We can usually see you in 3 to 6 weeks for breast correction surgery. 
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